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cloverskull 03 October 2018 22:15

ClassicWB (any OS3.X) and 3.1.4

I was wondering what compatibility problems we may run into with OS3.1.4 and any of the flavors of 3.X ClassicWB?

Additionally, is there some type of ideal upgrade path, or fresh install path?


Hercules 04 October 2018 15:10

Yes, the CWB installer doesnt recognise the WB 3.1.4 as a valid WB disk.

desiv 06 October 2018 20:15

Initial look at a Classic WB startup-sequence shows that it is looking for disks named "Workbench 3.1" and the new OS disks are named "Workbench 3.1.4" so...
We could edit that script (which I started to do) to add the ".4" to the names.
That does get it farther along.
But I am also seeing some errors in it not finding files it is looking for, so that probably means there isn't a super simple (just edit to add some .4's or rename your disks) solution. ;-(
I am guessing someone would have to look at everything that install script is doing. Files might be gone and/or moved to other disks.


OK, just for fun I tried editing the scripts just to allow me to use the 3.1.4 disk images..
Not what I'd call a success..
I did get pretty far, but I could see errors. Not finding files it was looking for on disks...
It did continue until I got to the Install3.1.4 disk, which it didn't like (looking for BRU, not a disk name this time).

Now, the resulting HDF with it's aborted install did seem to reboot and go to a WB, but I am sure it is a VERY SAD mixed up 3.0/3.1.4/broken stuff mess and wouldn't be happy long term.

desiv 06 October 2018 21:17

I think a better approach might be to have a working 3.1 Classic WB system and try this:

Now that it has apparently been updated to handle 3.1.

Might try that some time soon.

cloverskull 06 October 2018 21:20

Looks like Bloodwych's last activity on EAB was in 2017 - maybe ClassicWB won't receive many updates at this point :/ too bad, my favorite WB packs!

Hercules 09 October 2018 20:20

I have sent Bloodwych a PM offering to help with testing a new release which works with WB 3.1.4 disks.

gulliver 10 October 2018 04:15

If you need help just send me a PM.
I am more than willing to help.

desiv 10 October 2018 04:29

I do wonder if the ClassicWB sets were set up initially by doing a complete OS install.
Adding the tools.
And then using some script to delete a bunch of Commodore files and add the new startup-sequence that would replace them when it validated the disks.
Once set up, you could run that same "delete script" on each installed version.
(Not sure, but I think that is how I might have set it up...)

Problem is, if that is it, that it makes it tricky to try to just modify the install script to support the new OS.

There are more than a few files that I think are totally new or totally different.

gulliver 10 October 2018 09:48

I havent looked into it, but most of the time it is just a bunch of scripts that perform the installation. Some are more complex than others.

I remember when I reversed engineered Amiga In A Box (AIAB). Its author made a whole kind of spider web like series of nested scripts. Difficult at first sight, but not so much when you finally understand the logic behind the desitions the author took.

In this case, I am sure it is not so difficult. It just takes time.

asymetrix 10 October 2018 14:50

Are their any updates planned for workbench EG. Including lha (to extract anything), a decent low profile text editor, C/C++ compiler (eg GCC 4.8 minimum for linux codebase support until 2020). small gnu package etc.

Great work with The Workbench PI release, aka Amiga PI

Stability, security, new algorithms, done right.

Has anyone created just an OS core and test via emulation on an android tablet ?

If only we can get this code to boostrap on to other devices using portable code.

Great work to all involved !

We just need some good video on how to install all the good software
Personally I would never install anything in SYS:C, but in USER:C


desiv 10 October 2018 16:56


Originally Posted by gulliver (Post 1275511)
I havent looked into it, but most of the time it is just a bunch of scripts that perform the installation. Some are more complex than others.

The script to install Classic WB isn't complicated. It basically validates the disks (based on disk names) and then starts copying files.
The question is, does it assume a working install with files removed that are just being replaced?
Because if so, there could be things that are missed if you just fix it to find "those" files.
Maybe it's not a big deal and you can just add it to the script.
But as you aren't doing the Amiga 3.1.4 install, what is in that install script that you might be missing?
I suppose a question would be, how different is the 3.1.4 install script to the 3.1 install script? That could help us figure out whether or not there are any/a lot of gotchas. ;-)

cloverskull 10 October 2018 19:19

Would Bloodwych be amenable to us forking ClassicWB if he's not able to maintain it in a post-3.1.4 world?

Hercules 10 October 2018 19:40


Originally Posted by cloverskull (Post 1275641)
Would Bloodwych be amenable to us forking ClassicWB if he's not able to maintain it in a post-3.1.4 world?

That depends if he is willing to pass on his work so that others can progress the project.

grelbfarlk 12 October 2018 03:37

If we're doing a wishlist for a new ClassicWB 3.9 I'd like a different default text editor. Janoedit is ok but I wonder if there isn't something better.

AMIGASYSTEM 12 October 2018 08:42

In my opinion the best choices are EditPad or Redit

Hercules 14 October 2018 21:32

If anyone wants to write a new install script that can be used in place of the ClassicWB 3.1 standard installer then please feel free to share it. I was thinking along the lines of a replacement installer script that can be copied over the old one.

BMD 17 October 2018 20:16

Looks like mainly workbench.library is causing the fuss to me. Remember it was removed in colantos 3.x rom and added to the floppy set. Looks like its the same here. Im sure thats not all including the naming of the install disks and a few other choice files and file versions no doubt they are useing the version command alot as well in the install scripts.

desiv 17 October 2018 20:37

I keep trying to come up with a "simpler" solution, but I'm not coming up with one.
I think the issues hinge on the changes between the OS 3.1 and 3.1.4 installs.
You will need to understand the differences. (I don't)
They are different enough that I am sure a "simple" install script change won't work. (I've already tweaked the install script to just accept the new disk names in place of the 3.1 and that doesn't work.)
I'm also thinking that what someone would need to do is create a clean OS 3.1 and also a clean OS 3.1.4 and do a DIFF to see what is different (filenames/versions, paths, assigns, etc).
IF they are actually fairly similar, then a change to the current ClassicWB install script might still work...
You'd have to make sure that you tweak the script to get the right files from the right disks. You also might have to copy extra files if ClassicWB leaves some 3.1 files in it's archive. (I'm not sure if ClassicWB strips out ALL the Commodore files, or just some/most. It would be easier to fix if it was all.) Also, you need to check for files that OS 3.1.4 might install that OS 3.1 didn't. Something totally new. Those might not be in the script at all (Depends on how generic the command is "copy df0:c#?" for example).

Hercules 17 October 2018 22:26


Originally Posted by desiv (Post 1277867)
I'm also thinking that what someone would need to do is create a clean OS 3.1 and also a clean OS 3.1.4 and do a DIFF to see what is different (filenames/versions, paths, assigns, etc).

I shall install 3.1 and 3.1.4 on soerate partitions under WinUAE and use one of the DIFF tools from Aminet. I'll upload the comparisons between the two in the next few days when I got some more time. Hopefully then we can collaborate together to write a new install script so CWB installer can finally handle WB 3.1.4 disk during the installation process.

Anubis 18 October 2018 13:59

I still rather wait for Bloodwitch to update his packs...

Actually with ClassicWB, I don't see reason for WB 3.1.4. Most of stuff I care about is already updated in ClassicWB to version that makes it easy to use and is stable, with as much as possible of chip memory to be free.

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