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DavidT 20 October 2017 14:43

FS-UAE & Linux (Amilator 4.9.3) Right mouse click
So, any menu that requires a right click, can't do it - the menu is there but nothing happens when it is clicked. OR When the menu comes down you can move into the menu because it disappears as if you clicked some other place. I don't understand it...fighting it for 9 days now. Thanks for your help.

(Here is a link to Amilator 4.9.3 in case you had not seen this before...I think it is awesome for what it does...


AMIGASYSTEM 20 October 2017 14:47

Try adding it to the config file:


nobody 20 October 2017 14:47

Should be a magic menu sticky option that needs to be disabled.

There is a newer version here. Read the instruction under the download link.


DavidT 22 October 2017 15:26

Thank you! That worked just nicely!

Next question while I am here:
Is it possible to install this to the HD (a real one).

nobody 22 October 2017 15:29

Not in it's current form. It's supposed to run from a USB.

DavidT 23 October 2017 06:27

I installed it to a removable drive. Then put that drive in the machine. Boots right in Amiga 3.9.

Dunny 23 October 2017 10:34

As Nobody has said previously, it will boot on an internal HDD (I installed it from the USB using the console) but upgrading the version of FS-UAE is difficult as the squashfs filesystem has to be rebuilt. You can get around it by downloading a new FS-UAE using iBrowse or similar, and then using a console to unpack/inject/compress a new one, editing the syslinux.cfg to point to it and then deleting the old one after a reboot. It's a tad more complex than it needs to be, but it's doable without having to resort to using the USB drive again.

DavidT 24 October 2017 02:29

Yeah I was a little rude there..I reread many things today. So I shouldn't have spoken.


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