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LaundroMat 14 May 2001 22:55

Blitz Basic 2
I remember a thread here that had some fond recollections of AMOS and Blitzbasic (2), and imagine my surprise when I found this: http://www.blitzbasic.com/

LaundroMat 15 May 2001 09:19

More on Blitz2
I've been looking at BB for PC, and it's actually pretty good. There's already a whole scene revolving around the language as well. There are some nice demo's to be downloaded (fireworks, etc), and they're planning a Blitz 3D and a Blitz Pro. There seem to be no speed problems either (I read a post about 3000 grenades flying on screen without slowdown, iirc at 60 fps).

/me starts searching his pockets for some cash.

Khephren 15 May 2001 11:27

This could be interesting.

BlitzBasic was amazingl fast on the Amiga. When compared to Amos it isn't hard to be faster!

Supports DirectX as well.


poppe 23 July 2001 08:59

blitz programmers?
Is there someone out there with a pack of blitz and a will to start of making some small and cool games for the amiga? We are a 3 guys from sweden who is planning starting of making some games. If you are intrested mail me. lindstrom.christoffer@nospam.home.se (ofcourse, remove the nospam)

Music and pixel people may also contact me...

Please stop direct signature ! use UserCP instead

Khephren 23 July 2001 16:09

I started writing a few games in Blitz but I got all the hard work done and just lost interest in it as the software is just not as feature packed as I thought it would.

Perhaps it's just harder to work on your own without any input.

Always willing to help if a project sounds good.

Andy C 24 July 2001 08:10

That was the beauty of AMOS's libaries. new commands comming out all the time. It wasnt the fastest but it was the easiest to use..

hmm, kinda miss AMOS, but miss the AMOS 'thing' more, all the people, contributing, etc etc..

As for Blitz PC, WOW!. now this is a cool bit of software. And the upcoming 3D version looks even better.. I believe theres some compiled demos on that Blitz basic website link above ..

will be nice to see the Amiga style being used to write PC games., 'cos if nothing else, Amiga PD/shareware was in a class of its own. !!

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