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DesertBlizzard 07 April 2021 04:54

Manjaro and JIT
Simple. Is there a way to get JIT to work in Manjaro? 68040-NOMMU and JIT, or any other combination of CPU I have tried will not result in a working JIT. Ubuntu 20.04, no problem. Manjaro 21, not at all.

jbl007 07 April 2021 16:29

Jit compiler is disabled at compile time. At least that's the case in Arch linux, and Manjaro should be similar. If you want jit, you need to build FS-UAE from source.
I think the cleanest way is to create a package. use the original PKGBUILD and remove the "--disable-jit".

DesertBlizzard 07 April 2021 17:32

I did not realize that. First I heard about this. I'll try building it. Thanks!

FrodeSolheim 08 April 2021 20:33

You can also download the generic Linux builds from fs-uae.net :great

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