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MickGyver 21 February 2021 11:38

Blitz Basic 2 language support for Visual Studio Code
I created a Blitz Basic 2 language support extension for Visual Studio Code. It's still in early alpha state but try it out if you like! It has similar features as the Atom extension I made. If anybody want to contribute, I can give you permission to the github repository. I might also look into intellisense at some point.

Information how to install etc. can be found here.


tolkien 21 February 2021 14:09

Tried it this sunny sunday and it works as expected.
A bit laborious copying files in windows and Amiga side but thankfully you have to do only once.
Then I had to figure out that i have to share my vscode project drawer in the amiga side (wich is logical).
It is a good start.
Thanks mate.

LeCaravage 21 February 2021 17:20


gurth 21 February 2021 18:08

Nice. I had just had the Blitz Basic manual printed out and bound for me to start playing with it one evening.

Updated manual and installer was from here: http://ubb.plus

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