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demoniac 16 February 2008 13:09

Gem'X secret screens
Seeing the Apidya's unaccessible bonus stage thread, I am wondering if anyone knows how to access the following screenshots for this Kaiko game ?


I suppose I'll ask the webmaster if I don't get a response.

Graham Humphrey 16 February 2008 13:12

If I remember rightly, you have to type STRIP, THREED or CREDITS on the title screen.

demoniac 16 February 2008 14:21

These codes didn't work for the Subway/Spreadpoint and GIN versions, even though the level codes work.

Graham Humphrey 16 February 2008 14:23

They work fine in the WHDLoad version though.

demoniac 16 February 2008 22:23

I manged to check these codes on the SPS version, and they work. I guess that the Subway/Spreadpoint version might have been a beta, and GIN ver. is based on the that.

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