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BZHGames 21 February 2020 15:54

Retro games contest on BZHGames
Good morning all,:)

I am a new member, I discovered this forum thanks to lemonamiga.com.

Am I wrong or is there a rivalry between eab.abime.ne and lemonamiga.com ? :bash

For interested players, I suggest on my site to play online retro games on an Amstrad emulator.
I know that here, we are more interested in Amiga as well, I do not know if the moderator will accept that I speak of Amstrad.
But if it does not bother him, I suggest you visit the site https://bzhgames.xyz/amstrad.php
There you will find a multitude of retro games with the possibility of recording your score.

If you know of any games that aren't there and want to play, let me know, I'll try to add them.

Have a good day everyone :great


DamienD 21 February 2020 16:05

Heya BZHGames,

Welcome to EAB :great


Originally Posted by BZHGames (Post 1380547)
Am I wrong or is there a rivalry between eab.abime.ne and lemonamiga.com ? :bash

No rivalry, we are brother sites really.

There is the EAB/Lemon Super League competition though ;)

ROM 21 February 2020 17:58


Originally Posted by DamienD (Post 1380549)
Heya BZHGames,

Welcome to EAB :great

No rivalry, we are brother sites really.

There is the EAB/Lemon Super League competition though ;)

Wow never knew about this might have to check this out some time:)

BZHGames 23 February 2020 15:35


Originally Posted by DamienD (Post 1380549)
Heya BZHGames,

Welcome to EAB :great

No rivalry, we are brother sites really.

There is the EAB/Lemon Super League competition though ;)

So much the better.:D
There seem to be nice people on both sites

BZHGames 02 March 2020 08:29

I just added two games to the list of Amstrad games on https://bzhgames.xyz/amstrad.php: Shinobi and Shufflepuck Cafe

https://bzhgames.xyz/amstrad/img/cpc_shinobi.png https://bzhgames.xyz/amstrad/img/cpc...lepuckcafe.png

BZHGames 06 March 2020 20:54

New game : Tintin on the moon


BZHGames 14 March 2020 00:25

3 new games available: Bobo, Desert Fox et La Abadia Del Crimen

https://bzhgames.xyz/amstrad/img/cpc_bobo_.png https://bzhgames.xyz/amstrad/img/cpc_desertfox_.png https://bzhgames.xyz/amstrad/img/cpc...delcrimen_.png

BZHGames 21 March 2020 20:51

Hi all,

I hope that all Amiga Board members are doing well and that there is no victim of the coronavirus.
The confinement is likely to last and must be taken care of.
For players, I inform you that a new game is available on the site: Metal Army



BZHGames 25 March 2020 11:59

An evolution has just been implemented regarding the high scores of Amstrad games.

Some games like Gryzor, Bruce Lee ... have an end.
Now for this type of games, those who finish them will not have points but a time to finish the game.

The classification of the players will therefore be determined, first according to the time to have completed the game, then points for the others.

The timer starts when you click on "Click here to play!".
And it stops when the score is sent.

Attention, the screenshot must clearly display the end of the game which will serve as proof. Otherwise, the game will not be considered finished.

So go to your keyboards, and show who is the best ;)

BZHGames 29 March 2020 15:08

For information, in the list of Amstrad games, there is a new list "Endie Games".
This list offers the most recent "new generation" games.

The following games have just been added: Classic Invaders, Renegade, Betiled and Dead On Time

https://bzhgames.xyz/amstrad/img/cpc...cinvaders_.png https://bzhgames.xyz/amstrad/img/cpc_renegade_.png https://bzhgames.xyz/amstrad/img/cpc_betiled_.png https://bzhgames.xyz/amstrad/img/cpc_deadontime_.png

BZHGames 04 April 2020 19:48

Here are the last 2 games added: Metro-Cross and Super Edge Grinder :

https://bzhgames.xyz/amstrad/img/cpc_metro-cross_.png https://bzhgames.xyz/amstrad/img/cpc...gegrinder_.png

BZHGames 08 April 2020 13:55


Little Twitter survey (https://twitter.com/Tetris_Mickael/s...34108714450946)
I can not decide on the method to put in place to rank the players on the game Bruce Lee.
1. Rank the players by the time they took to finish the game (avoiding shortcuts)
2. Rank players simply by number of points

If you have an opinion, please vote on Twitter. I will follow the opinion of the majority.

Thanking you in advance for your participation.

BZHGames 11 April 2020 23:54

The 2 new games of the week: Bitume and Slap Fight

https://bzhgames.xyz/amstrad/img/cpc_bitume_.png https://bzhgames.xyz/amstrad/img/cpc_slapfight_.png

BZHGames 25 April 2020 14:16

Good morning all,

Here are some games to add to the list:

Mask, Pinball Wizard, Navy Moves and Pinball Dreams

https://bzhgames.xyz/amstrad/img/cpc_mask_.png https://bzhgames.xyz/amstrad/img/cpc_pinballwizard.png https://bzhgames.xyz/amstrad/img/cpc...ovespart1_.png https://bzhgames.xyz/amstrad/img/cpc_pinballdreams1.png https://bzhgames.xyz/amstrad/img/cpc_pinballdreams2.png

Come play online at https://bzhgames.xyz/amstrad.php

BZHGames 01 May 2020 17:41

Here are the new games of the week: Arkanoid II and the last 2 tables of Pinball Dreams

https://bzhgames.xyz/amstrad/img/cpc_arkanoidii.png https://bzhgames.xyz/amstrad/img/cpc_pinballdreams3.png https://bzhgames.xyz/amstrad/img/cpc_pinballdreams4.png


BZHGames 10 May 2020 11:19

Hi all,

Here are the new games of the week:
- Winter Games
- Barbarian II
- After The War
https://bzhgames.xyz/amstrad/img/cpc_wintergames.png https://bzhgames.xyz/amstrad/img/cpc_barbarianii_.png https://bzhgames.xyz/amstrad/img/cpc...ewarpart1_.png

BZHGames 16 May 2020 19:21

On BZHGames, the 2 new games of the week are ....... "Ball Breaker" and "Daley Thompson's Olympic Challenge".
Come play and register your scores on https://bzhgames.xyz/amstrad.php
https://bzhgames.xyz/amstrad/img/cpc_ballbreaker_.png https://bzhgames.xyz/amstrad/img/cpc...challenge_.png

BZHGames 13 June 2020 23:12

Hi players,
Here are the 2 games of the week on https://bzhgames.xyz/amstrad.php:
- Into The Eagle's Nest
- Phantis
- Equinox
- Wec Le Mans
- Licence To Kill
- Smash TV
- Beyond The Ice Palace
- Freddy Hardest

https://bzhgames.xyz/amstrad/img/cpc...aglesnest_.png https://bzhgames.xyz/amstrad/img/cpc_phantispart1_.png https://bzhgames.xyz/amstrad/img/cpc_equinox_.png https://bzhgames.xyz/amstrad/img/cpc_weclemans_.png https://bzhgames.xyz/amstrad/img/cpc_licencetokill_.png https://bzhgames.xyz/amstrad/img/cpc_smashtv_.png https://bzhgames.xyz/amstrad/img/cpc...icepalace_.png https://bzhgames.xyz/amstrad/img/cpc_freddyhardest_.png

Roy C. Gass 16 June 2020 05:05

wow, so many games i have never tried before, thanks for sharing

BZHGames 13 July 2020 16:08

Hi all,

Here are the latest games added:

- Goliath
- Mad Mix Game
- Megablasters
- Zox 2099
- Yie Ar Kung-Fu
- Bounder
- Star Wars Return Of The Jedi
- Trailblazer

https://bzhgames.xyz/amstrad/img/cpc_goliath_.png https://bzhgames.xyz/amstrad/img/cpc_madmixgame_.png https://bzhgames.xyz/amstrad/img/cpc_megablasters.png https://bzhgames.xyz/amstrad/img/cpc_zox2099_.png https://bzhgames.xyz/amstrad/img/cpc_yiearkung-fu_.png https://bzhgames.xyz/amstrad/img/cpc_bounder_.png https://bzhgames.xyz/amstrad/img/cpc...ofthejedi_.png https://bzhgames.xyz/amstrad/img/cpc_trailblazer_.png


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