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glue 28 January 2007 10:03

PPC on WinUAE ?
Hello. I'm still thinking about PPC in WINUAE ? is possbily to implement this into our great emu ?

what do you think about it :bowdown

alexh 28 January 2007 10:13

Tony has already said he wont do it (and quite rightly so). There are other more "important" things to get right before anything like this (Such as the CDTV/CD32 emulation he's working on etc).

But if you are a coder, familiar with the Amiga architecture and programming for Windows why not try to merge in the PearPC CPU emulator ;) (JOKE)

Ultron 28 January 2007 10:51

This one's starting to beg to become a sticky\FAQ

glue 28 January 2007 11:22

thx for answer :bowdown

Ultron 28 January 2007 12:04

The PPC library probably doesn't justify the enterprise either.

A stand alone PPC emulator that would emulate MorphOS for instance, or even OS4, would be interesting, but PearPC is a much more likely candidate.

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