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viddi 28 August 2021 22:50

Total Football - 1200.pcm support
Can someone please update the WHDload slave?
It currently only supports 500.pcm sound.

The game offers a much better audio experience with 2MB Chip.

Thanks a lot in advance!

viddi 05 September 2021 18:07

Hey, it´ll be a great update.
There is a lot of speech and really cool crowd fx! ;) :D

kriz 05 September 2021 18:57

Total Football is great so I would appreciate this addition as well!!

viddi 13 January 2022 22:34

May I bump?

viddi 20 January 2022 13:39

Come on! We really need all of these lovely sound fx. :D

jotd 20 January 2022 14:47

can you create a mantis issue? no time to fix that ATM it'll be forgotten otherwise

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