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White 02 May 2021 10:52

The problem of playing mplayer at the moment seems to be related to the emulated graphics card.
using -device sm501 the video plays smoothly.
And the audio plays no role related to the problem of its reproduction.

while wayfarer (ver 1.16) does not yet play the streams on youtube for example also with -device sm501

here mplayer and ffplay working simultaneously with the option -device sm501:

jPV 03 May 2021 09:01

Do you know if the emulated graphics cards support hardware overlay?

Video playback in Wayfarer requires hardware overlay support currently, but in MPlayer you can configure the video driver if it's using the overlay or not (check MPlayer Settings -> Preferences -> Video Driver). If you want the video display be embedded in the MPlayer GUI instead of a separate window, then you will need overlay support too.

AMIGASYSTEM 03 May 2021 09:17

With the parameter "-sm501" or by starting Qemu with "-machine Sam460" the MPlayer videos work fine with any video option.

Only problem if you use "-sm501" or "-machine sam460ex" you can't have a 1024x760 screen, see first screenshot.

If instead you use "-machine mac99" and "-device ati-vga,guest_hwcursor=true" then you can get a 1024x760 screen, but with this method some programs like Dopus4 have graphic artifacts.

White 03 May 2021 21:26

Thanks for the info
i currently looked in emulated video card "ati rage 128 pro"
overlay is not implemented.

Here a brief mention on the qemu emulator:
So the plan is to start with Rage 128 Pro and RV100 and implement enough to get a Linux console on mac99 and mips_fulong2e then improve 2D acceleration to get X working, after that maybe add video overlay so MorphOS R128 driver can work and then implement 3D to reach RV100. From there it could be enhanced towards R520 which may seem very distant but mentioning it is no accident, it is what the Xenos GPU of the XBox 360 is based on and Xenia already has some emulation of, so it might be possible to take inspiration or even code from there to improve 3D emulation without doing it from scratch. Of course this is still a lot of work and likely I can't do it alone but that's why this project was created to bring together interested people who could together reach a goal that could not be reached individually.

White 04 May 2021 10:33

1 Attachment(s)
now with Ati Rage 128
mplayer works with these settings:

White 04 May 2021 11:09

Here an example of the ATI 128 running with mplayer + demoscene morphos and very fluid:
(demo does not require 3D support)
the two programs work at the same time


Retro1234 04 May 2021 14:58

I can download a free demo of MophOS to try this?

White 04 May 2021 15:27

you need qemu to run it:

here the necessary information

here where to download the iso:

AMIGASYSTEM 04 May 2021 15:45


Originally Posted by Retro1234 (Post 1481258)
I can download a free demo of MophOS to try this?

Yes I attach link, but it is not a Demo is a full version, only that after 30 minutes becomes slow, doing a restart you have again 30 minutes of normal speed:



jPV 04 May 2021 17:34


Originally Posted by White (Post 1481175)
now with Ati Rage 128
mplayer works with these settings:

Yeah, that wpa drawing routine works with everything, but it does scaling (to fullscreen, for example) by CPU then. Overlay would do it for "free" with no extra CPU load when resizing the video.

Retro1234 04 May 2021 20:09

Thanks for the replies - might finally get to try MorphOS.

AMIGASYSTEM 04 May 2021 21:12

These are my scripts, standard HD and ISO names:

-m 1024 -> Windows 32Bit
-m 2048 -> Windows 64Bit

qemu-img create Mos.img 2G

qemu-img create Mos.qcow2 2G

MOS-Install "mac99":
qemu-system-ppc -machine mac99,via=pmu -m 1024 -vga none -device ati-vga,guest_hwcursor=true -hda mos.img -cdrom mos.iso -boot d -prom-env "boot-device=cd:,\mac_ppc32\boot.img" -bios openbios-qemu.elf -serial stdio -display sdl

MOS-Install "Sam460":
qemu-system-ppc -machine sam460ex -m 1G -rtc base=localtime -boot d -prom-env 'boot-device=hd:,boot.img' -bios openbios-qemu.elf -device ide-cd,drive=cd,bus=ide.1 -drive file=mos.iso,if=none,id=cd,format=raw -device ide-hd,drive=hd-drive,bus=ide.0 -drive file=mos.img,if=none,id=hd-drive,format=raw -device ne2k_pci,netdev=mynet0 -netdev user,id=mynet0 -device ES1370 -display sdl

qemu-system-ppc -machine mac99,via=pmu -m 1024 -device ES1370 -vga none -device ati-vga,guest_hwcursor=true -boot d -prom-env "boot-device=hd:,boot.img" -hda mos1.img -cdrom mos.iso -bios openbios-qemu.elf -serial stdio -display sdl

MOS 2 HD + mac99:
qemu-system-ppc -machine mac99,via=pmu -m 1024 -device ES1370 -vga none -device ati-vga,guest_hwcursor=true -boot d -prom-env "boot-device=hd:,boot.img" -hda mos1.img -hdb mos2.img -bios openbios-qemu.elf -serial stdio -display sdl

MOS 2 HD + sam460ex:
qemu-system-ppc -machine sam460ex -vga std -m 1G -rtc base=localtime -boot d -prom-env 'boot-device=hd:,boot.img' -bios openbios-qemu.elf -device ide-hd,drive=hd,bus=ide.0 -drive file=mos.img,if=none,id=hd,format=raw -device ide-hd,drive=hd-drive,bus=ide.1 -drive file=mos2.img,if=none,id=hd-drive,format=raw -device ne2k_pci,netdev=mynet0 -netdev user,id=mynet0 -device ES1370 -display sdl

MOS 2 HD + mac99 + sm501
qemu-system-ppc -machine mac99,via=pmu -m 1024 -device ES1370 -vga none -device sm501 -boot d -prom-env "boot-device=hd:,boot.img" -hda mos1.img -hdb mos2.img -bios openbios-qemu.elf -serial stdio -display sdl

parameter -display sdl (no menu Qemu)

White 05 May 2021 10:02

thanks for the valuable advice :-)
I wanted to try pyhon-ssl
to use aio-streams so you can overcome the obstacle of the overlay with wayfarer.
but i couldn't figure out if morphos python-ssl version 2.7 is supported with AIO
while in grunch I saw that there is also a python-ssl 3.2 version.
Thanks for any suggestions.

currently on 4.1 it works perfectly

jPV 05 May 2021 18:53

I haven't tried that aio-streams myself, but you can still watch YouTube videos with Odyssey (Applications/OWB in your MorphOS installation). It doesn't use overlay for embedded videos, which makes it horribly slow, but should display them on your setup. OWB's Fullscreen fix script would make videos use overlay and play them smoothly, but that doesn't help in your situation currently, but just to let you know.

For example, embedded videos in this thread here on EAB should work straight away with OWB (like seen here, for example: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PRQlibGzMYM). And while Youtube's main page interface stopped working recently on OWB, it still works if you spoof it as IPad and use https://m.youtube.com/ instead.

The nice thing with OWB is that you can also download the video to hard/ram disk and watch it with MPlayer then. Just start playing a video and then open the Network Activity window, and right click the video stream and copy its url. Then paste the url in the OWB to get it displayed directly in the internal media player... and then right click over the video and select "Download media" option. This may sound complicated, but when you learn it, it's just few clicks and you can download almost any video to a file :)

White 05 May 2021 21:06

Thank you !! :-)

it works perfectly
video viewing is perfect

you are making me want to buy a G4 powerbook

the principle is the same as odyssey for spoffing and scripts
here a small video with OWB on youtube

White 06 May 2021 08:47

I would like to buy an ibook G4
what is the best model to buy for morphos?
are there various models of ibook G4?

for the G5 version I have no space where to put it.

Thanks for any advice.

jPV 06 May 2021 10:22

Nice video, it seems that CPU emulation is pretty fast, because it plays videos that well. So it confirms that graphics (card) emulation is more the bottleneck.

Generally speaking the later/faster laptops are always better supported than older/slower, and are naturally faster too :) These all are pretty cheap nowadays, so I wouldn't do any compromises, but would find the best you want.

Here is a comprehensive list of computers that are supported by MorphOS:

If you want the best laptop, I would say take one of the 1.67 GHz PowerBooks (or the last 1.5 GHz version, but it might be hard to identify the right 1.5 GHz version).

Here are some points why I'd prefer PowerBook over iBook:
- The latest PowerBooks have better support for the internal keyboard and touchpad *)
- PowerBooks have bigger resolution displays and more graphics memory
- PowerBooks have a CardBus slot if you want a better WiFi range by an external WLAN card (wired is the best still)
- PowerBooks have a DVI connector for an external display
- iBooks feel generally more clunky by their design
- With my iBook I see some small graphical glitches, which are more visible with certain skins/gfx, but I'm not sure if this is a problem for others, but annoys me a bit

*) There are two kinds of hardware interface solutions for internal keyboard and touchpad in these laptops. The latest PowerBooks use the USB bus, while older PowerBooks and iBooks use the ADB bus. The problem with the ADB bus is that it doesn't make difference between left and right command keys, and some programs/keyboard shortcuts assume you press right-command etc, so these won't work on them and can be a small annoyance. Also laptops with the USB touchpad support more gestures, like two finger scrolling or two finger right click etc, which is handy if you don't use an external mouse.

So, my advice would be to go to a 1.67 GHz PowerBook, but if you can accept the mentioned flaws and would still want an iBook, I would recommend the 2005 models depending if you want smaller (12") or bigger (14") machine.

jPV 06 May 2021 10:34

Oh and if you want a G5 machine that doesn't take too much space, one iMac G5 model is "unofficially" supported and some people are using it despite some unfinished drivers/things.

More info, for example, here:

White 06 May 2021 10:48

Thanks for the reply
would this model be fine?

with ATI Radeon 9700 128MB


jPV 06 May 2021 12:38

It looks like this model:
PowerBook G4 1.5 17" (Al), PowerBook5,5 - A1085

And if I'm not mistaken, it still has the ADB keyboard/touchpad, but if you can live with the restrictions it causes, it should be fine otherwise. Although some memory upgrade wouldn't hurt, but is enough for starters.

Only models from 5,6 to 5,9 would have the USB bus for the internal input devices, and this is model 5,5.

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