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steveis2 19 December 2020 11:53

uaegfx files and Grex?

I've installed an emulation with the Grex pci expansion and I think I need something called uaegfx file(s) to put in the devs/monitor drawer. I'm not sure what it is or if it's already in winuae or is not available for some reason. Currently I can't find it anywhere. I've looked in my cloanto Amigaforever files but can't currently locate it there either except for something called uaegfx.card which I'm not sure is the right thing.

If anyone can throw some light on it I'd appreciate it.

Regards Steve

White 19 December 2020 12:29

here the uaegfx file inside you will find 2 uaegfx files
initially use uaegfx in winuae in the rtg board section you can select:
8 * bit
later if you have problems with transparencies for example by activating the composite in prefs / gui or if you will use many applications
replace uaegfx with the second file uaegfx-rtg and always rename it uaegfx using this table in rtg board:
* 8bit
15 / 16bit
also don't forget to use your .hdf with Accelerator (CyberstormPPC) and not (UAE uaehf.device)

jotd 19 December 2020 12:45

would it be worth patching CopyMem routines from ROM to native code or it makes no sense as JIT does it so fast it's not worth?

(I patched memcopy in an app I was emulating with musashi so without JIT and I got a 5% gain on it, so just asking is that worth?)

Toni Wilen 19 December 2020 13:06

uaegfx has nothing to do with PCI bridges. uaegfx is Z2 or Z3 board.

And what does CSPPC (except that GREX is CSMK3/CSPPC expansion) or copymem patches have to do with OP's question?

EDIT: Describing what are you trying to do would help. Using uaegfx in OS3? OS4? Using G-REX + some PCI card? (but there is no PCI display cards emulated yet, at least officially! Only sound and NICs)

White 19 December 2020 13:28

also if you try to install for example amicygnix the installation will fail with uaegfx with the rtg table:
* 8bit
in that case you just need to use picassoIV as driver so keep them both in the devs drawer in case you need them.

while using the table instead:
* 8bit
15 / 16bit
the installation will finish without problems so you can possibly do your tests and see if you can immediately use the table together with the uaegfx driver

separate note use sb128 (sound blaster) audio drivers with G-Rex

rutra80 19 December 2020 14:18

For P96 to natively RTG with WinUAE you rename any P96 monitor to uaegfx and set tooltype BOARDTYPE=uaegfx.

steveis2 23 December 2020 21:39

Hi, Thanks for your replies.
I've got the system working but not perfectly. The memory reaches 646Mb and 7 of the additions won't install - 20th century pack,mediacube,mixer,atweasel, Timi, classic 68k and RunUae. Or atleast they appear to still be available for installation in the extra installer. I tried reinstalling the Runuae program but atleast some of the parts of it are already there and it can't be reinstalled. I haven't got a soundblaster driver as far as I am aware in the winuae emulation but I don't know that that's the problem.
On a different point there appears to be an update 2 on the hyperion download page for OS 4.1 dated 23/12/20. I don't know what's in it but I might try it out in a bit.

Regards Steve

AMIGASYSTEM 24 December 2020 00:41


Originally Posted by rutra80 (Post 1447148)
For P96 to natively RTG with WinUAE you rename any P96 monitor to uaegfx and set tooltype BOARDTYPE=uaegfx.

BOARDTYPE=uaegfx, not necessary :)

White 24 December 2020 11:14

Of these applications you have listed for me, install mixers, the others are not important for the moment
here you will find the "sb128" audio drivers (in winuae you have to select Espansion Sound ES1370 PCI Ensoniq) soundblaster
and very simple to install them you find 2 files
they must be placed in Devs / AHI and Devs / audiomodes
reboot the system
start the AHI audio preferences program and select sb128 on all channels
4 channels later you can increase or decrease them
then launch mixer and select sb128 reboot
run amiupdate and you will find a mixer update
audio is now configured.

use WASAPI as audio in winuae/sound "Default audio device"

osdepot is an archive for amigaos 4.1FE

RunInuae, on the other hand, is important if you want to increase your fun, but you need a little separate guide because following the official guides for real machines you will not be able to configure it, leave it for last.
If you want we will come back later

The ram select it like this:
uagfx 128
the ram you can modify it later but this is more than enough to do everything
same thing for uaegx too

if you are using update 2 with G-REX the update will overwrite the startup-sequence and the network and audio will not be recognized.
do this open the starup-sequence and add this again:
C: BootLoader COMMANDLINE = "Grex NoRamPager NoDiskPager"
now everything will work again

I hope I have not forgotten anything :-)

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