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FreakyDan 12 May 2012 12:00

Integer Scaling
Integer scaling have always scaled the picture with perfect aspect ratio in 1920x1080 for me. But in the latest version integer scaling doesnt scale anything, it's just a small picture in the middle of the screen.
It worked perfectly in the previous betas before the latest release.
Anyone else seen this phenomena or is it just me??

Toni Wilen 12 May 2012 13:52

It was fixed in 2.4.1, previously it always used too small native screen size causing clipped edges even if minor overscan was used.

2.4.2 will have adjustment option. Size multiplier sliders won't scale anymore in integer mode (It does not make any sense), instead they adjust the size of native screen, the smaller the adjusted size, the earlier higher multiplier is used.

Retroplay 12 May 2012 15:34

Switching from "Integer scaling" to "Automatic center" and horiz/vert size x1 did the trick for me.

Retro-Nerd 12 May 2012 15:43

Automatic center? But not in 1920x1080 and Horiz/Vert size x1. This shows a tiny centered screen. Horiz 2x/Vert 4x size is the best for now in Full HD. Though it needs a 5:4 aspect ratio correction, otherwise the scanlines looks garbled.

Edit: Ah, the new winuae.zip has Auto Integer Scaling now. Works fine so far. :)

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