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BarryB 10 January 2021 15:24

Pro Boxing Sim - Kryoflux strangeness!!
Was going to create an IPF of this and install in WinUAE via WHDLoad, but hit a strange issue!!

I have 2 copies of this game, both dumped with a Kryoflux, it's Copylock and ADOS tracks!

When the streams are analysed with HxC or in Keirs Disk-Utilties, track 63.1 on BOTH disks show sector 8 missing, yet when dumping that track it shows as a normal 11 sector ADOS track and no error? What is stranger is that creating an ADF with the dtc tool (yes, I know the copylock track won't work) track 63.1 is OK and I can then install using WHDLoad! If I create an ADF with HxC it installs fine in WHDLoad (sector 8 on 63.1 has MISSING BLOCK through it) but in Disk-Utilities the IPF fails in WHDLoad due to showing an error on sector 8 of 63.1!

Anyone know why this disk shows this weird issue with track 63.1?

BarryB 02 April 2021 15:27

Denis has now checked those 2 disks and concludes it's a mastering error!

Next question is, does it affect the game in anyway with track 63.1 having a bad sector 8, does the game actually use that track?

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