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backtoskooldaze 18 October 2003 22:07

A500 disk based games to cd rom
Hi,Can anyone tell me if it's possible to transfer an A500 disc based game to cd rom so it can then be booted and played on an A500 with an A570 cd rom?????????

gary 20 October 2003 07:44

It is possible but not owning an A570 I'm not sure how they behave and what options you have.

1. Can you boot from an A570? Maybe you have to boot from floppy then continue on from CDROM?

2. How much memory do you have?

There aren't many games that are hard drive installable (and therefore able to be copied onto CDROM). Thanks to WHDload and JST there are now many more but some of them require Kickstart 2.0+ and usually at least 2 megs memory.

You should be able to get Amiga DOS games (eg: Wings/Monkey Islands 1 & 2) to work and the single-file games (Virus/IK+) but there are not many of them around.

Miggy2TheMax 21 October 2003 09:33

Yes it would be possible, you can boot up from a 570, but as Gary points out, you'll need more ram than a stock 500 offers and you'll probably need to put it up to wb2+ aswell for some games. For games that are stock HD installable (CIV,monkey island. ) (not many) you'd be able to get away with running them of a bootable CD on a stock a500 with 1MB ram.

backtoskooldaze 21 October 2003 15:39

Thanks for your replies :)
I have an a500 with a 1mb upgrade plus attached a 2mb ram upgrade then the a570.The 2mb extra ram upgrade is attached to the side of the A500 then the A570 is attached.
I have been playing loads of disk based games on the a500 but was wondering if there is a way to get them on to a cd instead that way it would be better to boot and play instead of the floppy disk swapping etc....
Also the disk based games can be played on an A600/A1200 with a cd rom if it's possible????

There must be a way to get disk based games on to a cd rom for any amiga surely???????

Miggy2TheMax 22 October 2003 04:32

sounds like your in business.... I'm drooling over the 2mb that you have in your 570, I just have a stock 570. What kickstart do you have?

I've ran games under whdload/jst from a cdrom on an amiga, you just need enough ram for it. The answer to your question is yes it possible and yes they would work with an a600/a1200 aslong as they have enough ram.

gary 22 October 2003 08:21


There must be a way to get disk based games on to a cd rom for any amiga surely???????
Sounds like there is still a little confusion.
YES You can play games from CDROM on any Amiga, *but* only those games that have been written in standard AmigaDOS format (eg: Monkey Island) or converted from the original floppy-disk-only format to standard AmigaDOS format (eg: WHDload/JST installs).

In other words most Amiga disk games are written specifically to load each part (level) from floppy disk (some even only from the internal drive). Reasons usually given for this was copy protection (they didn't want you to put them on hard disk because AmigaDOS files can be easily copied). Sometimes they were just lazy. An install program will usually 'fool' a floppy disk game into working as a large AmigaDOS file instead of a floppy disk. WHDload/JST installs also fix incompatibility problems and save the high scores as well.

RainbowIslands (not a AmigaDOS disk)
+ JST/WHDload
AmigaDOS files

MonkeyIslands disks = AmigaDOS files

Copy the AmigaDOS files to hard disk or CDROM, setup up a startup-sequence perhaps add some memory and then the game should work.

To make matters more confusing there are some games (Ghosts'n'goblins) that do use AmigaDOS files but still can't run from hard disk/CDROM because the game still tries to use the floppy disk. There are installs available for those games too.

Adeptus 23 October 2003 01:32

Hey Gary,
How much of your CD32-200 would work on his A500? (if any)

(reminds me, gotta see if my friend has finished downloading it for me... I'm broadband-deprived... :rolleyes )

gary 23 October 2003 04:01

Assuming you've got enough memory (at least 2 meg in most cases) most of the WHDload games should work. The AGA games and CD32 specific games wouldn't work. Also the menu wouldn't work as it requires AGA.

To run the games you may have to boot from floppy, change directory to CD0:games/gamename
Then something like CD0:c/whdload game.slave

I don't have an A500 + CDrom so I don't know for sure. This is really just theoretical.

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