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crazyc 09 April 2021 19:08

Well, still trying to work out what the issue is with my 3.9 setup.
So I ran it under both with snoopdos running
both setups showed a fail when looking for fpsp.resource so that wasnt a differentiating factor.

My 3.9 setup crashed just after accessing intuition, even though snoopdos said OK. my 3.9 setup has intuition 40.85 whereas my setup has version 40.87. Not sure if I can simply update the 3.9 setup and see if that helps.
Still grabbing at straws....

crazyc 07 May 2021 15:58

Well, tried a different custom rom in case my exec version was an issue, but it made no difference.

Any chance someone could just check that this runs for them on wb3.9 (ie just for say 20 moves or so)

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