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Steve 16 November 2001 17:58

Love that snow man
Nice touch RCK. And the snowy/icy logo. It feels a bit chilly now. :)

Amigaboy 16 November 2001 18:01

Yes. It is a nice snowman

But. What I've gotta know is....Was the downtime just to upgrade that picture!?!? I see no other differences

RCK 16 November 2001 18:11

hoho, you need the details ?
The version number of the EAB is now to 2.2.1


Bug Fixes
lot of fixes...

Kodoichi 16 November 2001 18:12


*pats snowman*

RCK, give him a hat ;)

Akira 16 November 2001 18:19

Hmm.. I don't like the blurry font, but snowman is cool :)

Steve 16 November 2001 19:24

I don't ask for much do I.....

Originally posted by Akira
Hmm.. I don't like the blurry font, but snowman is cool :)
Yes I agree. It's a bit hard to read. Is it possible to have some snow over the menus/buttons and also some holly/mistletoe, little christmas presents and a little santa as well. :D

RCK 16 November 2001 19:40

tadaaaaaaa :cool

MethodGit 16 November 2001 19:52

Luvverly :great

Class job, dude.

RCK 16 November 2001 21:56

Main Logo un-blur (a little) & Snowman re-done

Ian 16 November 2001 22:15

Does the snowman live in Springfield, Simpsonland?

He seems to have a mr. Burns glow about him:confused

RCK 16 November 2001 22:18

héhé, I tried to make dance him, but it wasn't cool, so I've converted him into a nice christmas light :)

note: Mr burns have a green halo, mine is white as snow ;)

Steve 16 November 2001 23:22

Thanks RCK
Wow. The logo looks much better. As for the buttons..... really really cool. I love em. :)
Keep up the good work!!! :D

Overdoc 17 November 2001 01:05

Ey, great :) EAB in winter time :)
Only bad thing is that I feel even colder now when I look at this snow and ice... ( fucking cold here in the flat already )

Ian 17 November 2001 01:17

Top winter tip
Don't eat yellow snow;)

Amigaboy 17 November 2001 02:55

It's always hot down here during christmas....That could be because of Summer :D

Paul 17 November 2001 10:29

I like it:D

andreas 17 November 2001 11:44

GREAT IDEA. :great

I've yet to see a public Internet forum that changes its design according to the seasons.
This Xmas design feels cool (in double sense :xmas)

RCK 17 November 2001 11:47

Third version of the snowman online !

Amigaboy 17 November 2001 12:12


He saw me login so he slowly turned and now he's staring at me! ;)

Kodoichi 17 November 2001 13:10

What a nice snowman! Even bows down before us.

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