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starlord 29 December 2006 13:32

new info
Regarding those unreleased games: energy and goldrake (pixeldream interactive). They have not remained in limbo:

Energy was later published for the pc under the name nebula fighter (one reality), I got confirmation on this.

Goldrake was cancelled for the amiga, but pixeldream renaimed itself later pixelsplash and released it for the pc under the name drone. (I got the 2 games).

Only good news on this one.

Marcuz 29 December 2006 15:30

just for curiosity, can you please post a couple of screenshots? thanks :)

starlord 02 January 2007 12:24

I'll try, but I'm not really at ease with screenshots:

Anyway, those might help you:

http://downloads.gwn.com/downloads/f...482/Drone.html (drone screenshot)

http://eager.back2roots.org/DATA/G/GOLDRA.HTML (goldrake screenshot)

http://www.jeuxvideopc.com/screensho...ebula-fighter/ (nebula fighter screenshot: the first boss confirms that energy and NF are the same games (ship with orbiting asteroids).

pixelsplash and one reality have both confirmed that the games were identical.

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