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BarryB 07 November 2015 16:02

Falcon, how many versions?
I've just obtained a 'V2' version of Falcon: The F-16 Fighter Simulation, says V2 on the disk, but can't see any reference to a V2 in TOSEC as that only has a v1.00, v1.1 and v1.20 but not a v2 and HOL only mentions v1.00 and v1.1.

When I load it, the About info says 1.1, the exe on the disk is labelled as 'falcon_v1_1' but disk 1 is labelled as 'Falcon Version 2', and SPS does not have this version either! It also has no PROTEC protection as disk 1 is just ADOS!

So what is this version?

dlfrsilver 07 November 2015 18:18

Just dump it barry, and send me the dump for checking ;)

BarryB 07 November 2015 18:21

In my Onedrive, you still have the link?

dlfrsilver 07 November 2015 22:20

I have currently an internet incident.
A telecom guy has cut off my phone line, i m posting with my cellphone :(

BarryB 08 November 2015 01:08

How long till it's fixed, did they say?

dlfrsilver 08 November 2015 10:45

Must wait at least 5 days !

BarryB 08 November 2015 12:57

That sucks :( Can't you hack into a neighbours WiFi :D

dlfrsilver 08 November 2015 17:07

Will go soon at my parents.

dlfrsilver 09 November 2015 12:10

Please send me the link via mail please :)

BarryB 09 November 2015 12:58


dlfrsilver 09 November 2015 14:20

thanks, so Falcon v2 dump seems good.

EDIT : WWF euro rampage is protected with copylock in track 0.1 and use the Arc devlopments type 2 disk format up to track 78. Track 79 is not used, it was a false positive.

About falcon, it uses a copylock in track 0.1, but the hidden one.

BarryB 09 November 2015 17:02

Cheers Denis!

I've submitted the dump to SPS as well, I'll check it again with disk-analyse and rnc_hidden!

WWF, I thought as much as loading stops at 78 before asking for disk 2 so looked to be unused and as it uses copylock, no reason to have track 79 protected as well!!


Yep, good catch with Falcon, does indeed use Copylock hidden as you found out :great

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