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mikro 26 January 2008 11:31

Software for Delfina DSP

does anybody know how many applications (games/demos?) were developed for Deflina DSP56002 board? There's a few apps at aminet but that's all I've found. I'm especially interested in source codes..

Thanks for any hint.

Frog 26 January 2008 13:18

perhaps there's some source code in AHI package ?

mikro 29 January 2008 10:42

well, I actually looking for some usable application/game/demo code -- like that DelfMPEG for example. My point is to port this code to Atari Falcon's DSP56001 what is I'm currently doing with DelfMPEG :)

Frog 29 January 2008 11:19

as Delfina is not a native hardware it could explain the lack of information ?
Doesn't it exist some documentation about Atari Falcon's DSP ?

mikro 30 January 2008 10:15


Originally Posted by Frog (Post 391647)
Doesn't it exist some documentation about Atari Falcon's DSP ?

Of course it does. As I say, I want to reuse some source code and not to reinvent the wheel again. I do know how to code on DSP :) For example, that mp3 decoder is quite handy, there was never public release for mp3 decoder (just mp2).

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