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robheaton 19 December 2009 19:07

A1200 Hdd Led
I'm fairly new to the Amiga scene, and I've fitted a CF card to my A1200 for use as a hard drive. Which works perfectly!

Just wondering if the HDD LED should work when a CF card is used? As it never lights up, I've checked the connection on the LED board, and that seems fine. (The power and FDD LEDs work fine)


prowler 19 December 2009 19:11

Hi Rob,

Some CF-IDE adapters can be modified so that the HDD activity LED indicates CF card activity just the same.

This has been discussed recently on EAB in this thread:

robheaton 19 December 2009 19:53

Many Thanks!
I'll have a play later, see if I can get the LED working.

Magno Boots 19 December 2009 20:41

1 Attachment(s)

Some adaptors work with the HD light and some don't.

Here's a picture showing where to solder a wire to get the light working..

Attachment 23664

I understand that some adaptors may need different solder points, but this worked with one of mine.

Thanks to Anemos for the initial findings :great

prowler 19 December 2009 20:46

Thanks for your contribution, Magno Boots! :great

We could do with all the information we can get on this topic. :spin

robheaton 19 December 2009 21:32

Cheers Magno Boots, looks like I've left my soldering iron at work. :(

Guess I'll have to wait until monday to try this out.

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