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sgt_chimp 29 November 2001 21:16

Future Wars
Im having a little trouble with the very small graphics on future wars (and im playing it on a large screen) but in the instructions in says

" * Zoom in closer to the objects you are examining...."

but I cant find out how to zoom in, is this feature actually in the game ? and can any one tell me how to do it please ?

Fred the Fop 29 November 2001 23:23

Hmmm. I don't know how the game does this. but there are mice (did I say this right?) you can buy that have zoom in features by pressing on the middle or scroll button. Of course I am referring to PC mice. If you are using a real Amiga you can't use this, as far as I know.

andreas 30 November 2001 01:19

Nope. There's no ZOOM function.
Remember this game was programmed by a French company, and they might just have translated the original French manual to English, resulting in these problems you're having now in getting the actual meaning of the sentence(s).
You just have to come close to the object(s) to be able to do something with them. That's all.

sgt_chimp 30 November 2001 01:27

Thanks, it's a pitty though I had to look at a spoiler to know there was a tiny pin flag on the toilet floor and I can normaly finish aventure games in a day or 2, oh well at least it'll be a challange.

Walker 30 November 2001 08:48

When you examine things, sometimes there's a "pop up window" with a more detailed view of the actual object. For example, when you examine the map in the office you get a closer look and can discover the small hole for the flag. Maybe this is the "zoom" function!

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