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Solo Kazuki 16 September 2021 12:12

Glamorous Zombie Flakes / Realm of Sendai
Glamorous Zombie Flakes on itch.io is also available in two separate versions for Amiga (OCS/ECS and AGA). It's Strategy RPG (or SRPG in short) game with gameplay similar to Final Fantasy series.

Some basic infos:
Year: 2021
Players: 1
Language: English
Genre: RPG
Subgenre: Strategy RPG
Quickmatch: Final Fantasy (new quickmatch)
Theme: Anime / Manga
Publisher: itch.io
Developer: 90soft (Ninetysoft)

About Amiga version requirements (from readme)

Amiga version(s):

note: there are two separate builds for Amiga, one that uses 64-color EHB mode and runs on OCS/ECS, and one that uses 256 colors for AGA/RTG
minimum / optimal
- something faster than 68030
- OCS/ECS/AGA / RTG with 256-color chunky support
- 3.5MB free memory
- 4MB disk space
- AHI-compatible sound device (including Paula)
- Kickstart 3.1 or newer

optional: gameport input device with 2 or more buttons
note: gameport is only supported on classic Amigas (or emulation). Attempting to enable the gameport on PPC systems will likely cause a crash.
note2: the game uses WriteChunkyPixels and can benefit from speed-up patches when using OCS/ECS/AGA
note3: the game was reported to run on a MicroA1, and also on an Efika with MorphOS 2.1 demo
From comment by 90soft

Minimum requirements are 3.5MB of free memory, Kickstart 3.1 or compatible, and an AHI driver for sound. When using classic Amiga hardware, I think that a 68040 at 40MHz would be enough speed.

BTW, the Amiga AGA/RTG version uses the same graphics as the 32X. OCS version has reduced color.

Realm of Sendai is RPG which is also similar to Final Fantasy series.


To LemonAmiga data i can add some HoL specific ones:

Genre: RPG
Quickmatch: Final Fantasy (again)
Last known version: 1.0 (at least i have such version)
Maybe newer version is avable, so if someone have newer one please write about it here.

I'll add some screenshots to TheZone later.

dreadnought 16 September 2021 15:50

Nice to see Amiga games different from the usual platform-shooter fare. I might try the Sendai out later, thanks for posting this.

Solo Kazuki 09 October 2021 18:18

I just put some screenshots from Realm of Sendai to The Zone!

Solo Kazuki 21 October 2021 11:30

Thanks for adding titles.
But Glamorous Zombie Flakes for Amiga have two separate builds for ECS/OCS with 64 EHB colors and AGA/RTG with 256 colors. Amiga AGA/RTG version uses the same graphics as the 32X. OCS version has reduced colors.
It should be at least mentioned in notes/comments/etc.

Matt_H 21 October 2021 19:40

I enjoyed Sendai a lot back in the day. I believe 0.74 was the last version. The v1.0 floating around is an older version that's been hacked to bump up the version number.

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