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metalrules 30 August 2006 13:02

Please help. I am trying to use the HRTmon in WinUAE to edit some games but everything i do, all i get is Illegal address but when i do the same with the action replay rom everything is ok. The trouble is, i can not get the action replay rom to work with a hard drive installed. Is there a way around this?

Toni Wilen 30 August 2006 16:45

Illegal address from which command? Examples?

thor 30 August 2006 18:53

If you are trying to use the trainer function, it is different to the one in Action Replay. HrtMon need the parameters start address, end address and value. If you just enter the value as in Action Replay then you get the Illegal address error. For a function overview press the Help key (Page Down in WinUAE).

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