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dex 08 January 2012 00:38

Seriously need some help with Lionheart...
After finally making progress in Zeewolf without much effort and having completed The Chaos Engine only using my own passwords and no savestates, I still find Lionheart extremely difficult. I really do want to finish this one (its box still has its own prominent space on my shelf after all) - but I can't. I find the dragon shmup level insanely difficult and my moves with the sword are always hit and miss. Sometimes I play the same old dungeon (like the small spider caves in the first part) and won't lose more than one or two hearts and another time I am down to my last life at the end of the first world.

What's the secret? About 10 people confirmed that this one is completable with some effort in my other thread. Any professional Lionheart players who could give me some hints? :confused

clauddio 08 January 2012 01:06

it's an easy game
you can watch the longplay on youtube for hints

dex 08 January 2012 02:40

If you think of Lionheart is an easy game you would actually be able to play Chaos Engine blindfolded :D After all you have to finish all the levels in one sitting (as in most Amiga games somehow) and the extra lives are not scattered around everywhere as in Turrican. Hm, so what's easy about that game? Yes, you got a lot of continues but that's about it. The sword action looks quite nice but is extremely difficult to master somehow... I also wached the longplay, it helps. You never know when they use savestates, though.

By the way, so far I was able to finish every level up until the level where you first ride on the lizard on the ground to attack the ship. There I lost all my remaining lives/continues. I once started from this level and made it to the next dragonride/shmup sequence but that doesn't count since I didn't start from the beginning :)

dlfrsilver 08 January 2012 14:29

It's true, even in lionhard mode, the game can easily be completed. They just changed the traps places, and also the enemies needs more hits, but overall it's quite the same.

dex 08 January 2012 15:45


I was down to 2 continues in the end. However, I could only do it because I saw how to finish that damn boss of the shmup stage (in two longplays nobody tried a strategy, all they did was brute force by the way...). And I read about a secret ending so I looked up the way to find that hidden stage (of which I already knew but didn't find it before). I did not use savestates to reload and try anything again but I had to save several times and resume to search the net.

Anyway, the last level with the rising water was horrible, the final boss was alright once you knew the attack patterns. Did lose most of my lives in those two stages, though :)

I still don't think it is an easy game, it is "normal" as the difficulty in the menu says. In an "easy" game they would have kept everything the same but gave you passwords. The Chaos Engine is far easier - just because of that :D

PS. did you finish it in one sitting dlfrsilver?

dlfrsilver 08 January 2012 16:27

I finished lionheart in one sitting, with no cheats on my amiga 600, and also my A1200.
I finish straight away Jim Power in the same style with just one difference, JP has no artificial intelligence, while lionheart has one for the enemies in the game.

dex 08 January 2012 17:40

Well, at least I emulated a puristic A600 (no cheats, no reloading), including slight slowdown in certain situations... and since that's the first Amiga I saw the game being played on, this is my preferred way to play the game :) I could play it on my real A600, too but what if I ruin my disks...

So Lionheart is possible in one sitting but Jim Power? Nooo, never - oh wait, this is starting all over again... I believe you :D But now that I finished Lionheart I actually want to play it all over again and again heh, great game :)

Ah well, off to Jim Power anyway...

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