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andreas 27 October 2001 20:56

Can't get PopUp to work
Another one I can't get to work is the DISK version of PopUp.
It stops at track 10 and then nothing happens anymore.
I guess it's a configuration problem, but who knows.
I upped the game, it's in the zone ... config is included.
You must use Kickstart 3.0, Kickstart 1.3 will NOT work.

I hope I can get some tips from you..

NOTE: I do have the HD version already, I'm only interested in getting the disk version to work.

Toni Wilen 27 October 2001 21:53


You must use Kickstart 3.0, Kickstart 1.3 will NOT work
I don't think so :) Works perfectly with my default A500 configuration (KS 1.3). It reboots once and then loads normally.

Ian 27 October 2001 22:03

I tried using KS3.1 (A600) and it load up to track 73 without rebooting, but then it just guru's.

andreas 27 October 2001 22:04

Ahhh ... seems I missed that one. :shocked
I didn't consider that reset was *not* a problem.
Thanks Toni! :)

OK, now you get a real challenge I promise ;)

Ian 27 October 2001 22:19

When I use an A500 config (KS1.3 More compatablity mode on and 0.5 & 1 meg tried), it doesn't reset it freezes just after the trainer de-crunches at track 39.

What config you using Andreas??

andreas 27 October 2001 22:23

1 Attachment(s)
my A500-standard-DF0:-only config :cheese
Here you are ... use WinUAE 0.8.17 R2.

Ian 27 October 2001 22:27


Originally posted by andreas
Whoops, there's your culprit right there:D

Silly me;)

I remember Toni saying something about that the eother day:)

Thanks Andreas.

I remember this game, I used to love it on my old ST, thank for jogging my memory about this game Andreas I had completely forgoten about it.

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