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cnterr 16 May 2021 15:05

TOSEC, NoIntro and Redump link
Curated by StartGame.world
(There is a lot of other cool stuff on their site)

Ian: Pretty poor form to directly link to their private shares. Removed them all, the site has a lot of stuff and definitely worth registering with.

D13TZ13 18 May 2021 00:14

Thanks for these links.. helped me out with a few missing PD games :)

Viceroy 18 May 2021 09:12

Great set of links for those starting out ;-)

DamienD 18 May 2021 15:49

Thanks for these cnterr ;)

Only one small problem; Firmware / Kickstart-Disks / Operating Systems are not allowed to be posted on EAB.

Please see "Rules & Help" --> Workbench disks, Kickstart ROMs & software or music files still supported/for sale.

...but at the end of the day, why should I care if the current moderation team don't seem too or bother policing new EAB content.

CodyJarrett 18 May 2021 16:03

Thanks for reporting it Damien. I've removed the link.

DamienD 18 May 2021 16:23


Originally Posted by CodyJarrett (Post 1484647)
Thanks for reporting it Damien. I've removed the link.

Sure Cody, but you forgot "Kickstart-Disks", "Operating Systems - AMIX" & "Operating Systems - Workbench".

CodyJarrett 19 May 2021 12:27


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