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bni 08 July 2020 12:20

[Found: Deus Ex Machina] Young man with LSD pill, demoscene pic
I remember from an old magazine, it might have been the swedish Datormagazin but I'm not sure, there was an article about demoscene.

In it there was some random screenshots from demos. One of them was of a boy or young man that has his tongue out with a pill on it (like an LSD pill or whatever)

Anyone know what demo this is from?

Zack 08 July 2020 20:30

I know exactly what picture you are referring to, but can't remember the author! Looking through my collection of scene pixel graphics, to see if I can find it :) Once the author is found, it should be easy to find the demo it was used.

Zack 08 July 2020 21:34

Not exactly how I remembered it, but sure it is this one?


If so the author is MRK (Mattias R. Kylén) from Sweden.
More info here

Have not tracked down the demo yet. :)

Zack 08 July 2020 21:54

Got it! :spin




nikosidis 09 July 2020 00:51

I did a video for you from a real Amiga. Not best quality but at least not some crap UAE capture ;)
I was there at The Gathering when it was released in 1997.


bni 09 July 2020 01:00

Thank you Zack, thats the one

bni 09 July 2020 01:13

Thanks nikosidis. I just watched it, its a great demo. Also found the original IFF file from one of the links that Zack provided.


It had this text:


"Ace Frehley", 10th in The Gathering 1997 graphics competition.

Also used in Limited Edition's amiga demo "Deus Ex Machina" (april 1997) at
the same party.

ACE_FREH.IFF original iff file.
ACE_FREH.PNG png conversion.
Must have been some entries if this one was only 10th :)

nikosidis 09 July 2020 09:17

Hehe, yes for sure. It was the heyday of the Amiga demo scene. Ace Frehley, that was the original guitar player of KISS. He is known for being a heavy drinker but no LSD ;)

bni 09 July 2020 11:22

Also, at the left and right edge of the pic there is faint text "she wants a rocket ride" lyrics from KISS song "Rocket Ride"

Dont quite get the connection between picture contents and KISS song, either

Quite like the song, never thought this would lead me down the KISS rabbit hole :crazy

nikosidis 09 July 2020 15:05

Ah, yes that is a KISS song :)

ACE did fire rocket from his guitar on stage :)

The guy that did the picture is probably just a KISS fan. It is not always connection between things.

Jasond 03 June 2021 10:50

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