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FrodeSolheim 18 March 2021 19:06

Fix for crash when using FS-UAE and QEMU-UAE on recent Linux distros
Note: there are issues with FS-UAE and QEMU-UAE on Linux with recent versions of Glib causing a crash! The crash is probably related to issues with threading and concurrency - both FS-UAE and QEMU-UAE might think they are the main process.

If you're not affected by the crash, you don't need to do anything and can stop reading if you like :)

In order to sidestep that issue, I've built a new QEMU-UAE plugin for Linux which contains a static copy of Glib. The latest build can be download from here for now:

Unfortunately, dynamic linking on Linux is a bit peculiar, and what I didn't know is that even with QEMU-UAE having Glib statically linked in, the dynamic loader will still replace the symbols in QEMU-UAE with the Glib symbols already loaded in the FS-UAE process, thus defeating having a copy in QEMU-UAE.

So, I've fixed this in FS-UAE by loading plugins with the RTLD_DEEPBIND flag to dlopen:

RTLD_DEEPBIND (since glibc 2.3.4)
Place the lookup scope of the symbols in this shared
object ahead of the global scope. This means that a self-
contained object will use its own symbols in preference to
global symbols with the same name contained in objects
that have already been loaded.
With this flag included, QEMU-UAE will be loaded while keeping its own symbols, and this, together with the new QEMU-UAE plugin fixes the crash.

A particularly nasty and difficult bug to track down... since I did not even know the dynamic loader could do this...

Updated FS-UAE builds can be downloaded from this Dropbox folder:

There will of course be proper builds later, but right now, you can use the above builds which are now automatically built whenever I check in new code :great

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