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ref 09 October 2020 21:53

[Found: IFFtoCON] An utility?
There were some text files which cracker groups generally use. If you print those text files on cli window, (eg. "type cracktro.txt") they move letters and numbers on screen vertically pixel by pixel and create a monochrome bitmap image.

It's hard to explain really. They basically use **tips** of the topaz font to dump a bitmap graphic on dos window.

Do you remember which utility generate those magical text files?

Dan 10 October 2020 10:05

Something like from this thread ?

ref 10 October 2020 13:59

Yes, exactly :) damn i searched for iff2dos iff2txt iff2ansi image2shell and other hundreds, but missed "con" :) Thank you

as I check the "pools of darkness" crack text console output, I realized trick was extremely simple. The magic is created by modifiying "Set top offset" value of console device. The sequence is started by 0x9B then raster number and ended by 79. That's it. so when you print something on cli window, text appear after x number of lines.

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