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burnsflipper 07 June 2020 16:42

Unreleased but mentioned in a mag - footprints in the snow
Here's a difficult one for you, it might require a link to a magazine page scan.

I used to read CU Amiga/Amiga Power/The One/Amiga Format 1993-1996. My instinct is telling me it's CU Amiga because that was the only mag I remember buying in 1993. The game was in a Work In Progress. It wasn't covered extensively, it was more mentioned in passing, and the bit that I remember was that the devs were really excited because the world would change as you went through it - specifically, you would leave footprints in the snow regardless of where your character moved. I think it may have been an RPG, but maybe quite a light one. I don't remember if there was a screenshot. I think it was in a mag when I was first new to the Amiga (Jan 1993), so I always thought the game was mentioned in a mag that year, but it may have been '94. I did also get other mags as a one-off, so it's possible it was in Amiga Action as I think I bought a couple of issues over its lifetime.

I don't remember if this was part of the game or if it's just my memory playing tricks, but I think the outside was more like an open world where you could go where you want and do what you want, and then you could go inside houses or buildings and inside it was 2d side-scrolling. But don't necessarily base your suggestion on this - the primary thing was the footprints left in the snow being a permanent part of the world.

I tried going back through my magazine collection a few years ago to find it, but never could. And I'm pretty sure the game was never released - I remember it being discussed whilst it was in development but I was not aware that it was ever completed.

Any help appreciated!

Fiery Phoenix 08 June 2020 11:26

Was it a game that remained a work in progress and never released I wonder?

Dick Special - was to be released in various guises from around 87 onwards

RamRod - was in the magazines a lot around this time I think

Fiery Phoenix 08 June 2020 11:49

Pic of Dick Special with footprints - was the part that rang a bell for me....


burnsflipper 08 June 2020 20:07

Hi, thanks for the ideas but it was neither of these. It was definitely 1993 or later, because I didn't have an Amiga before then.

The footprints thing - I think it was more "tracks in the snow". It's like it wasn't just putting a footprint sprite where you'd walked, it was more like you'd left a deeper track, an d this would stay in the game overworld.

Octopus66 11 September 2020 15:33

Dafel: Bloodline?


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