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sigma63 14 March 2016 18:32

Debugging over Serial-Port

i try to debug a Program which crashes WinUAE, so i have to send the Messages over the Serial-port.

So i connect the Serial Port on the "io ports"-Panel with COM1.

On Windows i start TeraTermPro on COM1 with 9600Baud 8N1.

On Amiga i use Serial-Prefs to set 9600Baud, 8N1 also.
But wether i use "Echo Hello World >SER:" or using a Terminalprogram i never receive something in TeraTermPro!

I'm sure i just missed i simple Thing. Please can you tell me what?

Toni Wilen 14 March 2016 19:02

Two programs can't talk via single serial port.

Anyway, you don't need serial ports, just add -log -serlog command line parameters and winuae will output all serial data to log window.

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