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killergorilla 15 February 2007 00:55

Elvira 2 IT, DE, ES, FR originals

Another one of my foreign language requests.

If anyone has originals of this game could you please image the disks? They should all be DOS disks and the game has manual protection so there is no on disk copy protection.

I know there are cracked versions but I want the originals :)


Retro-Nerd 15 February 2007 02:52

I found the italian version in emule with this name, maybe it is the original and not the Nightfall crack. Stay tuned!! ;)


Edit: Sadly it IS the Nightfall crack. :sad

dlfrsilver 15 February 2007 03:14

Ok Killa, i push my adfs originals from Elvira 2 french ^^ ! in the zone.

killergorilla 15 February 2007 11:58

Cheers guys.

I did notice a supposedly non cracked De version in tosec but I don't trust the data files on the disks to believe it's a real de version (2 of the text files contain english text).

killergorilla 17 February 2007 18:19

Did you get around to uploading these? I can't seem them in the zone

Retro-Nerd 17 February 2007 18:48


Originally Posted by killergorilla
Did you get around to uploading these? I can't seem them in the zone

Do you meant dlfrsilver, or do you want the cracked italian version too? You can find it here:


killergorilla 17 February 2007 18:49

I have that one, I meant dlfrsilver.

dlfrsilver 20 February 2007 03:13

in the zone KG ^^

killergorilla 20 February 2007 03:14

Cheers, just grabbed it. Thanks muchos!

hexaae 11 August 2022 01:16

Can't find original ADF or IPF, ITA version anywhere... Wanted the original for ScummVM or you can't pass the manual check.

EDIT: solved!
This is the byte compare with the crack. On the right the original with $0B. Using such unmodified "tables01" in ScummVM does work and you can enter anything at the numeric keypad check (ScummVM already bypasses the check but only with the original files):


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