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Wally 23 March 2003 05:21

Remember the I like traffic lights Demo ?
It was based on a very silly Monty Python sketch and is one of my favourite Amiga demos. Another one was the ACEEED/XTC demo, great when you got stoned.

Do any Australians remember the Derrin Hinch demo ? Mr Hinch was a TV celeb in the late 80's and had black hair with a full beard. The demo had a digi image of him along with a boppy sought of track happening, you could alter his facial expressions or something as well.

7-Zark-7 23 March 2003 08:55

Yep, remember the Derryn Hinch demo well-complete with Steve Vizard's voiceover/send-up mixed in amongst the real Derryn's mannerism's.

spoUP 23 March 2003 22:29

whoot?`another traffic lights demo?
There was an "I like traffic lights" demo released? Weird..
Me and a friend started making exactly the same demo back i¨n
1993, but never finished it.. We had the GFX and SFX done though! I would love to see this demo, where can i find it?
Could you pump it up to the zone?

Wally 24 March 2003 04:52

Yep, there was an Amiga I light traffic lights demo. Never seen the real sketch on video but the Amiga demo complete with Terry Jones samples was pretty good. Can't upload the bastard because it got sold along with my original A500 back in 93. Silly me.

ElectroBlaster 09 April 2003 21:36

I more than likely wrong but didnt a collection of these demos resurface from the author in a vhs tape box thingy with a proper inlay and all the disk's with labels?

it just rings a bell thats all! it was reviewed in one of the later amiga formats... cant remember what year! maybe 96 or summin? if i can find the mag i will scan the page for everyone :)

spoUP 10 April 2003 13:30

yea! do that it would be nice!!

ElectroBlaster 11 April 2003 12:05

No probs! i will search my forrest of amiga mags LOL!

ElectroBlaster 30 April 2003 01:19

Im still looking :(
i have loads in storage and sods law means its more than likely in that lot!

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