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guest 07 October 2002 22:56

Action Replay ROM image
Hi UAE Users !!!

Since i use UAE, i always wanted to have my Action Replay back, which i used in the past on my A500. I read in the UAE docs, that it is possible to use an Action Replay ROM image with UAE. Does anyone know where to get such image/file ??? I would appreciate if some could help me.

Doman 07 October 2002 23:25

it's aviable at www.emuchina.net

t0ne 09 October 2002 11:36


Originally posted by Doman
it's aviable at www.emuchina.net
I've been looking too

Where is the file on emuchina ?
I've just spent an age hunting for it but can't see it anywhere

Any pointers gratefully received !

t0ne 09 October 2002 12:35

Forget it - v8juice has posted it to the zone for me (what a star !)

gstanford 04 January 2003 07:42

Could some please provide a link to "the zone"?

Edit: found it (it would help people unfamiliar with these forums if things like this were pointed out - I've been out of the Amiga emulation scene for a while and these forums are new to me)

Amigaboy Says:
It would help wouldn't it? But, by doing this, it would encourage people to request common games just for the hell of it.

The current system is fine.

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