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Retrofan 06 April 2011 14:41

Cd or compilation of mod music
I've discovered very recently the mod music and how good it is. I like to play it while I'm browsing with the A1200/56ACA. I'm using Eagleplayer with the Empy engine and I've downloaded all the techno and some of the dance mod music in Aminet and it's really great.

The question is: Is there is a cd or compilation with good mod music to search for?. I prefer that than going saving and unpacking one by one.

EDIT: And I'm not searching techno and dance only, of course, I'm 42...

TCD 06 April 2011 14:52

Have a look here : http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=30783 :)

Retrofan 06 April 2011 14:54

Thanks! There are a couple of TB of music there!

Where can I search for somekind of relax music in mod format?

thgill 06 April 2011 14:58


Originally Posted by Retrofan (Post 747929)
Thanks! There are a couple of TB of music there!

Years and years worth of music!

I highly recommend the Mods Anthology. Lots of excellent stuff.

Retrofan 06 April 2011 15:01

I hope Shoonay has still an invitation for me to Underground Games. I've just sent him a PM :)

EDIT: Forget it. I already have an invitation. Thanks ...!

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