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atrionfo 16 February 2007 20:07

2091 ROM Image (Version 7)
I purchased two four GB SCSI hard drives on Ebay without realizing that I needed version 7 ROMs on the 2091 in order to see the drive properly (I currently have version 6.6 installed on the 2091 card). My friend lent me his EPROM burner and I figured that I could just erase my 6.6 ROMs and then burn the 7.0 ROMs. The only problem is, I've been searching the Internet for a couple of days and I can't find the 2091 version 7.0 ROM images anywhere. Does anyone have a copy that they can email me? (Or is there an area on this message board to post temp files like this?)



TjLaZer 17 February 2007 19:42

in the zone

atrionfo 19 February 2007 05:12



alexh 19 February 2007 09:58

Out of curiosity would these ROMS be compatible with an A590?

TjLaZer 20 February 2007 06:18


Jope 23 February 2007 09:36

Someone please verify whether this works with DMAC-1, or does it need the DMAC-2?

I remember messing around with A590/2091 ROMs and at least V6.6 seemed to require the DMAC-2.. :-)

massivekid 29 November 2007 09:09

can someone post the roms again in the zone?
i upgraded my harddisk & kickstart and it doesnt boot anymore.

r.cade 30 November 2007 04:30

I used to repair Amiga's back in the early 90's (Video Toaster systems, mostly) and I seem to recall that 7.0 was unstable. I distinctly remember downgrading the EPROMs back to 6.6 whenever we got new cards in. I couldn't begin to remember what the issue was, though.

Toni Wilen 03 December 2007 10:46

Some random information:

I have confirmed 6.x versions don't work very well with >1G devices. (only partitions that are under 1G mount properly)

Easy workaround: use PFS3ds (PFS3 with direct scsi). It seems to work fine, at least on CDTV. Tested with 4G CF card on SCSI-IDE bridge.

(CDTV scsi.device is slightly modified 6.x version and also has >1G problem)

mrodfr 07 December 2007 12:08


It's possible to repost the rom on the Zone! ????? thanks in advance.

tiffers 29 January 2008 16:35

another request to place the rom image in the zone again. Trying to setup an A500/A590 WinUAE config.


Duke 29 January 2008 16:58

It's in the zone.

tiffers 30 January 2008 00:25


Originally Posted by Duke (Post 391766)
It's in the zone.

Thank you :)

TheCorfiot 03 February 2008 18:44

A2091/A590 Boot Rom
Hi Guys
Have tried downloading the zip file but keep being told it's empty when trying to uncompress. Any chase you could pls reupload, again it's for a WinUAE config.

Many thanks in advance

Duke 03 February 2008 19:02

IE is buggy, use Firefox, Opera or something else to download then it should work.

TheCorfiot 03 February 2008 19:13

cheers duke

r.cade 03 February 2008 19:22

The archive works for me in WinRAR.

TheCorfiot 03 February 2008 19:27

Got it now using opera but WinUAE still refuses to recognise the Roms when performing the rom scan

Toni Wilen 03 February 2008 19:31


Originally Posted by TheCorfiot (Post 393110)
Got it now using opera but WinUAE still refuses to recognise the Roms when performing the rom scan

"Not doing something" still isn't acceptable bug report. Please try again :)


Have tried downloading the zip file but keep being told it's empty when trying to uncompress
As was explained in other thread, web server sends it gzipped and IE has issues with "double" compressed files.

TheCorfiot 03 February 2008 19:38

Hi Toni,

Here's a bit more depth, I downloaded the file from the zone using Opera on WinXP then uncompressed using WinRar to produce the 2 8K Rom files.
Dropping them into my "Roms" folder for WinUAE (after changing the names to include .ROM ext) and running Rom Scan a get a report back stating 2091/590 SCSI Rom unavailable.

Appreciate the help

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