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Codetapper 08 December 2020 00:44

Superb work clenched! I have ripped the map from Stormlord recently, just to save you from duplicating any possible work. I've also done Rambo and most of Chris Butler's games (as the maps are all stored uncompressed, usually wasting 16 or 32kb of RAM!)

clenched 19 December 2020 22:43

Elvira The Arcade Game - Commodore 64
3 Attachment(s)
These were actually used to finish the game.

clenched 31 December 2020 16:32

Turrican - Commodore 64
1 Attachment(s)
13 levels on the FTP.

Attached sample is the last level. Here a block that can be shot is duplicated, tinted then copied to an unused slot. Now the tile substitution function shows the way to the top.

clenched 16 February 2021 17:40

Blue Max & Zaxxon - Commodore 64
1 Attachment(s)
I never noticed how different the slopes are before seeing both at once. Blue max map is different between games but has an end. Zaxxon has finite length but is changed around between passes.

Blue Max case is entire game showing all possible terrain with only one intervening landing strip. Typically they are a lot longer.

1/16 scale attachment shows both together.
Independent full size on the ftp.

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