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Adrian Browne 16 April 2012 21:37

Two music programs im looking for.
Hi, has anyone got a copy of deluxe music construction set or d.mc set 2 and a copy of appetizer for the a500.I believe deluxe music construction set is kick 1.2 compatible.Will it work on my 1990 a500? It's 1.3 kickstart i believe.I just pulled my old 500 out of the wardrobe and she's working perfectly.
Deluxe music construction set looks easy to use.Anyone recommend it?I want an easy to use music program for my miggy.I don't have the setup to transfer a prog file from pc to amiga.Would anyone be so kind as to send me a copy of these programs on floppys (particularily D.M.C set).I can pay for the postage/floppys etc.Message me here on the forum if you can help.Thanks.:) Edit: I have bought deluxe music construction set on ebay.
Is appetizer a good sound program?

PaulyQ 17 April 2012 09:23

I have the images for DMC and also DMC II, I can up to the zone if that is any help at all. I haven't got my old amiga to convert them over to floppy though - I miss my 040 based A1200 :'(

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