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nickydee 07 August 2011 02:13

Amiga Samplers soon for sale.
Ive recently dug my old 1200 out the loft after many years of storage. I used to make music on it using the Octa med software. In my box of tricks I dug out these two items. The both have original disks but no manuals.

MicroDeal clarity 16
G Soft Audio Imager


I aint seen them advertised anywhere so is there still a market for them?

Im just waiting on a Amiga mouse to test them out.

Akira 08 August 2011 01:26

How much you want for them and how much it costs to ship them within London?

XimeR 08 August 2011 01:57

WOW! I almost got aroused when I saw that Audio Engineer sampler....... ok, I'm telling lies. There was no 'almost' about it.

nickydee 12 August 2011 20:04

Hi ya Akira. Im going to test these items out this weekend and will give ya a price once I know they still working OK. I live in East London so the shipping costs will be cheap.

Also im after manuals for these items I will pay for the original manuals or scans if anybody has them. Please PM me.

Thanks :)

Akira 13 August 2011 05:14

Well maybe I can have someone pick it up for me, I Won't be in London for some time. I'm specially interested in Clarity. Thanks!

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