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BippyM 25 September 2005 01:04

Bippys WHDLoad Project
As I mentioned in the Lemonade thread I am working on a solution to getting WHDLoad games/demos running from frontends.

This has proved to be problematic until now...

I have discussed the inclusion of this and it is confirmed with 2 frontends (Lemonade is one) :)

anyway here are some screenshots of the PREF making program and for the launcher for each game :)

This wont make a lot of sense until you see it running..

Here are shots of the game frontend.. this works off a prefs file with all info included.. You select your options and the frontend does the rest :)



*note not all of the WHDLoad functions are included yet.. only the more common.. if anybody requires a specific function including then let me know and I'll do my best (BUTTONWAIT is one example!)

here is the pref making program.. it auto scans the slave and tries to read the header info.. If the slave uses an offset different to the preset couple then you can check where the header starts with a hex viewer and then adjust accordingly (tho this is only recommended for those who know what they are doing)



cv643d 25 September 2005 01:25

It would be really cool if you could controll it with the joystick.

BippyM 25 September 2005 02:09

Hmm... not too sure how to implement this with gadtools etc...

Any ideas (this has been done in amiblitz but using system structures etc.. mainly!)

CFou! 25 September 2005 12:22


Originally Posted by bippym
Hmm... not too sure how to implement this with gadtools etc...

Any ideas (this has been done in amiblitz but using system structures etc.. mainly!)

I have released 2 tools and a amigaguide for that


Slave and installed version are found on your Hard drive
and you can launch game/Demo just clicking on this name in a amigaguide
(a search command is added the amigaguide to seek game with parametters as number of players, aga, phazer, 4-joy adaptator, type of game, ...)

Games/demos must be just placed in sorting directories/ and you must use env:WHDautolaunch.prefs fileto predefine parameters)

example of directories:

If several version of the game are in the same folder (french/GB/AGA/ECS..)

You can pre-define your priority parametters for launch whdload by example:
if not
if not


you can choise also just open game folder... or open a requester which ask to you if ou want launch game or open game's folder, etc... :D
your frontends seems interresting too

but must you predefine all parametters, or defaults priority parametters can be set?

BippyM 25 September 2005 13:03

This isn't the same thing matey :)

When a frontend is released with the support you'll see how it works :)

keropi 25 September 2005 19:36

that looks promising!

BippyM 28 September 2005 14:44

Here is a list of current games done:

Working games Slave Information

3D Galax                                - v1.0
3D Pool                                        - v1.2
4D Sports Boxing                        - v1.0
4D Sports Driving                        - v0.9
5th Gear                                - v1.0
9 Lives                                        - v1.0
688 Attack Sub                                - v1.0
944 Turbo Cup                                - v1.2
1000 Miglia                                - v1.1
1000cc                                        - v1.0
1943                                        - v0.5
3001 'O Conners Flight 2                        - v1.0

A Question of Sport                        - v1.0       
A10 Tank Killer                                - v2.0
Aaargh!                                        - v1.0
Abandoned Places 2                        - v1.0
Abandoned Places                        - v1.3
Abracadabra                                - v1.1
Academy                                - v1.0
Action Fighter                                - v1.0
Addams Family                                - v1.3
Adrenalyn                                - v1.1
Advanced Ski Simulator                        - v1.1
Advantage Tennis                        - v1.0
Adventures of Robin Hood                - v1.1
After the War                                - v1.0
Afterburner 88                                - v1.0
Afterburner 89                                - v1.2
Age                                        - v1.1
Age of Rock                                - v1.0
Agony                                        - v1.2
Air Ace                                        - v1.0
Air Support                                - v1.1
Air Ball                                        - v1.0
Airbourne Ranger                        - v1.0
Alcatraz                                - v1.0
Alfred Chicken                                - v1.0
Alien Breed                                - v1.2
Alien Breed 2 AGA                        - v1.3
Alien Breed 3D (AGA)                        - v1.0
Alien Breed SE 92                        - v1.0
Alien III                                        - v1.0
Alien Legion                                - v1.0
Alien Syndrome                                - v1.0
Alien Storm                                - v1.2
Alien World                                - v1.0
Aladdin                                        - v1.2
Allan Borders Cricket                        - v1.0
Allo Allo                                - v1.0
All New World of Lemmings                - v1.0
All Terrain Racing                        - v1.1
All Terrain Racing Xmas                        - v1.0
Altered Beast                                - v1.2
Altered Destiny                                - v1.0
Amazing Spiderman                        - v1.1
Amegas                                - v1.0
American Gladiators                        - v1.0
American Tag Team Wrestling                - v1.0
Amiga Karate                                - v1.0
Amnios                                        - v1.0
Ancient Art od War in Skies                - v1.1
Another World                                - v1.2
Apache                                        - v1.0
Apache Flight                                - v1.0
All Points Bulletin (APB)                        - v1.1
Apidya                                        - v1.40
Apocalypse                                - v1.0
Apprentice                                - v1.2
Aquablast                                - v1.0
Aquanaut                                - v1.1
Aquatic Games                                - v1.1
Aquaventura                                - v1.1
Arabian Nights                                - v1.2
Arcade Fruit Machine                        - v1.0
Arcade Pool AGA                        - v2.1
Arcade Snooker                                - v1.0
Arcade Trivia                                - v1.1
Archer Macleans Pool                        - v1.2
Archipelagos                                - v1.0
Archon                                        - v1.1
Archon 2                                - v1.0
Arctic Fox                                - v1.1
Arena                                        - v1.0
Arkanoid                                - v1.7
Arkanoid                                - v1.0
Armageddon Man                        - v0.9
Armalyte                                - v1.1
Armour Geddon                                - v1.0
Army Moves                                - v1.1
Arnie                                        - v1.0
Arnie 2                                        - v1.0
Ashes of the Empire                        - v1.0
Assassin                                - v1.1
Assassin SE                                - v1.1
Astaroth                                - v1.0
Astro Marine Corps                        - v1.0
Advanced Tactical Fighter 2 (ATF)        - v1.1
Atomic Robokid                        - v1.3
Atomino (Deutsch)                        - v1.11
Atomix                                        - v1.1
ATrain                                        - v1.0
Aufschwung Ost                                - v1.0
Aunt Arctic Adventure                        - v1.0
Australo Piticus Mecanichus                - v1.0
Australo Piticus Mechanicus (Alt Ver)        - v1.0
Auto Duel                                - v1.0
Awesome                                - v1.2
Axels Magic Hammer                        - v1.1

Superfrog                                - v1.2

Currently Non working WHD games (Could be config problems)

7 Colors                                - v1.0
Action Cat AGA
Amberstar                                - v1.2 - Illegal Instruction $10 @ $3F79E4
Artura                                        - v1.1 - Seems to have hardcoded paths!

The following work with WinUAE config adjustments


Action Fighter - Tick Match a500 Speed
Alien Breed 3D 2 - 2Mb (AGA)                - v1.0 - Requires 4mb fast (Strange yes!!)
Alien Breed 3D 2 - 4Mb (AGA)                - v1.0 - Requires about 6Mb + JIT is highly recommended
ArmourGeddon 2                        - v1.0 - Requires 1Mb chip & 3Mb Fast ram

BippyM 11 October 2005 13:10

I've made this thread STICKY so I can find it easily as I update the games I have done :)

Marcuz 11 October 2005 13:24

i think this project is great, but whoa, maybe someone would like to help you, as the alphabet is long still

BippyM 11 October 2005 13:25

I am recruiting.. If you wanna help out get yer ass on IRC!

T_hairy_bootson 11 October 2005 14:47

Already got one working... Just need to iron out the particulars.

BippyM 11 October 2005 16:42

;) I should hopefully have another soon :D

Marcuz 11 October 2005 18:39

tutorial! :)

Marcuz 08 August 2006 18:20

is this project on hold? it would be cool to be able to edit the various customs of the instals easily from a gui

Codetapper 08 August 2006 23:13

I don't understand the Artura "seems to have hardcoded paths" bit. WHDLoad cannot access hardcoded paths, all files have to be relative to the directory the files are in, and there are 3 versions of Artura.

Anubis 26 March 2007 13:34

Another dead project? :blased :(

killergorilla 26 March 2007 13:36

It's on hold for the moment. Bip is a busy fellow :)

Anubis 26 March 2007 14:06

I know. :agree

But still, dead... :D

Methanoid 26 March 2007 14:07

Darn, I saw this appear on "Unread Posts", started at top of thread thinking "Wow, this looks cool" without spotting the dates. I know Bip is hugely busy with renaming but this certainly seemed a cool project!

BippyM 26 March 2007 14:10


Originally Posted by Methanoid
Darn, I saw this appear on "Unread Posts", started at top of thread thinking "Wow, this looks cool" without spotting the dates. I know Bip is hugely busy with renaming but this certainly seemed a cool project!

renaming hahahah idoru wishes :lol

I'm actually busy with the family and kids etc...

p.s where's my discs?

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