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AmiGer 08 September 2005 09:34

Elite Advanced v1.2 has been released
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Hi, community,

I took the time to apply some long promised changes to Elite Advanced. Please have a look at the CARE page for more informations.
The Whdload slave will be released soon.

Have fun.

- NEW: statistics page implemented (options)
- NEW: trainer implemented (options)
- NEW: colours of stars changed
- NEW: delay for galatic hyperjump changed from 30 to 10 seconds
- NEW: the library (options) is now "built-in"
- NEW: WHDLoad slave available
- FIX: bug of original version fixed: stars in right/left view have moved up/down the wrong way
- FIX: "ADV" logo in main menu is smaller now (e.g. problems in galactic chart)

killergorilla 08 September 2005 12:03

Superb work, I just downloaded it and made an adf of it and was about to upload it to the zone...

somebody already done it! :D

Again nice work, I don't really play Elite much but it's great to see a project like this continue and produce such professional (and fully working/stable) results.

Cheers man.

I'll give it a better test once that whdload slave comes my way :)

glwxxx 08 September 2005 16:28

where can I get it please? Or how can I enter The Zone?

killergorilla 08 September 2005 16:53

Easy, you just need to join the 'Access - The Zone!' group.

To join:

1) Click on 'User CP' (top left of screen)

2) Click on 'Group Memberships' (bottom left under Miscellaneous)

3) Then Click 'Join Group'

Hope that helps!

glwxxx 08 September 2005 17:43


how easy... THANKS!


What is the legal status of the game? Could I redistribute it in freeware project without any need of permission or something, don't you know?

AmiGer 08 September 2005 18:11

Please read the FAQ on my page.
Only the CARE patch files are for free. Not the whole adf/ipf with the original game.

glwxxx 08 September 2005 18:19

OK, thanks!

hamster 10 September 2005 23:45

Good work AmiGer! I remember talking about this last January in 2004. The stats make it refreshing especially if you pick up the same game after a long break.

Marcuz 11 September 2005 02:08

good work! an we expect something like that for Frontier or it would be something less interesting as double of Elite?

AmiGer 12 September 2005 09:01


Originally Posted by marco pedrana

sorry, this isn't planned...

DNA 13 September 2005 21:31

Is there a way to use the on a disk saved commander with the
whdload-version? I can't find a file on the savedisk.
Thanks, Daniel

DNA 13 September 2005 22:22

Found a way ... perhaps.
It is stored in track 2, sector 0..10 for the first saved commander. I dumped all the sectors into single files with TrackEd an reassembled them with "Join" into "EliteAdvancedSave" . Unfortunatelly Elite hangs after loading this file. Filesize looks good, 5632 (512x11) Bytes, content looks good. Any Ideas?

Thanks, Daniel

AmiGer 14 September 2005 08:52

You're just one step away from the solution:
in the original Elite the last 244 bytes (before the last byte=checksum) of each saved game are xor-ed by a descending value $F3, $F2, ... I disabled this and the checksum check in the slave. I think that's why your system hangs up.
I will post a workaround for this the next days.

DamienD 04 January 2016 23:37

Could someone please upload to The Zone! the latest .ADF version of Elite Advanced + Save Disk? ;)

DamienD 07 January 2016 16:01

Nobody? :sad

...the CARE website doesn't seem to exist anymore.

Retro-Nerd 07 January 2016 16:13

It's in the Zone now. I hope it's the correct disk image. :)

Dunny 07 January 2016 18:20

Why was the galactic hyperdrive dropped from 30 to 10 secs? There was a good reason for that!

Not likely to get an answer though after all this time!


DamienD 07 January 2016 19:26

Retro to the rescue again :great

Anyone have the custom save disk that apparently required?

Arnie 07 January 2016 20:21


Originally Posted by DamienD (Post 1061010)
Retro to the rescue again :great

Anyone have the custom save disk that apparently required?

Here's one I made in WinUAE. The Commanders name is Johnson.

You can change it by leaving the save disk in DF0: and saving a new commander.

DamienD 07 January 2016 23:34


Originally Posted by Arnie (Post 1061016)
Here's one I made in WinUAE.

Thanks Arnie; is it just a standard .ADF?

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