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dreadnought 14 July 2022 15:02

Big gaps in text when posting
I've had this issue for quite some time now. What happens is, when I write some text in a new post which has one-line gaps between paragraphs, after I hit submit it will display as two-line gap (or perhaps more).

So the result is a post with unnecessarily big gaps between paragraphs. I can go into edit post later and correct it to one-line spaces, and then after submitting it will be fine.

It's not a big deal, just slightly annoying, I'm just curious if anybody else has observed this and if perhaps it's fixable.

I'm using latest Firefox on Win10.

EDIT: it has happened here now, as you can see there is a 3-line gap between 1st and 2nd paragraph, and then 2-line gaps in the subsequent ones.

meynaf 14 July 2022 15:19

This isn't new and has been signaled long ago, to no avail.
To avoid this, click on "A" icon on top-right edge of edit window to switch editor mode to normal (non-wysiwig) mode. You can then use "preview post" button to see what it has done to your text, then remove those annoying lines.

dreadnought 14 July 2022 17:32

Thanks, good to know it's not only me and that it's a known issue.

I usually deal with it when I remember to preview the post, you can edit the gaps then, but sometimes forget and it does look silly...

phx 14 July 2022 21:53

It‘s a Windows problem. Never happens with BSD, Linux, AmigaOS, MorphOS, …

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