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Calgor 02 September 2020 10:48

Continuum and Alpha Waves HOL entries for SPS release
The HOL entry for Continuum states Have SPS release yes, whereas Alpha Waves states Have SPS release no. But on the Softpres website it only lists Alpha Waves as having a release, and also I have only found an IPF for Alpha Waves (0626).

Does Continuum have an SPS release or an IPF dump but the softpres website has not been updated yet? Otherwise it looks like the 2 game entries need to have their SPS release values swapped.

Also, if it needs to be dumped then please let me know as I have a sealed copy.

lilalurl 02 September 2020 14:16

The SPS "flag" in HOL entries is managed by members of the SPS team, so only them (at least right now) are able to change it.

As for Continuum, dlfrsilver is probably the person more likely to provide an answer. He will probably see this thread, but PM him in case you don't get an answer within the next days.

dlfrsilver 31 March 2021 13:05

Continuum is not listed on the SPS site. And i don't have any IPF for this game.

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