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JohnnyWalker 27 May 2004 22:12

Bizarre sound problems on Wizkid
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Hi everyone. I'm some problems using the WHDLoad version of Wizkid with WinUAE (I've been assured that it's problem with WinUAE and not WHDLoad).

For some reason, some of the ingame sounds do not play properly. For instance on the first level, winding the bucket to the top of the well usually makes a cool "squeaking" sound but for some reason this sound effect doesn't play and is replaced by something totally different. There are a lot of other sounds effects that have their sound replaced by this new "generic" one as well... but equally there are a few that play fine.

The weird thing is that it's ALWAYS the exact same sound effects. There's even a sound test menu in the game and it's always the same ones that don't play properly, yet others that play perfectly (even though they're the same type of files and everything).

I've checked through all the files and the original sounds are there in the directory. I've played the game in it's floppy state to ensure it's not just me, but there's definitely something wrong.

I've messed with the Buffer Size and Lag Compensation and there's no improvements.

My config is:

68020+FPU / Fastest possible, but maintaining chipset timing / 4MB JIT Cache ("Force Settings" is off). 3.1 ROM.

RAM: Chip: 2MB Z3 Fast: 16 MB RTG: 4MB

Chipset: AGA / Cycle Exact CPU and Blitter / Sprite and Sprites vs. Playfield

Sound: Enabled, 100% Accurate / 44100 / Stereo / No Filter or Interpolation / Buffer Size: 3(92ms) / Lag Compensation: 0%

Priority: Above Normal / Normal / Below Bormal.

If someone could load up their version of Wizkid and see if they had the same problems, that would be really helpful! A great way of seeing if the sounds are working is to ring the bell (in the attached picture) on Level 1 and listening to the sound makes as the door falls from the top of the screen. Once it has landed, open the door and see if you hear a dog barking or just the same sound that the door just made landing. If all is wrong (like on mine) you should also hear this same sound when you turn the well handle.

If everything works fine for you then they should all sound like completely different sounds and not just the same sample played at different speeds and lengths.

Hope someone can help me, thanks!!

- John

PS - My PC is Windows XP SP1, 1GB DDR, Athlon XP 2800+

MegaVolt 28 August 2006 20:47

You're doing better than me...
I can't even get my version to load, it gives me the error:

exception "illegal instruction" ($10) at $80000 occurred

I have many ADF versions of this game (i got the tosec collection torrent with 17GB worth of ADFs) so i havnt exhausted all of the versions with the WHDload installer. Ive tried one copy and it just failed miserably but theres about 3 other sets so im gonna try that now and see if i can get a working copy of this game under winuae. Ive still got the original wizkid box around from years ago, but theres no disks unfortunately otherwise id be laughing.

ATM i've got a copy that claims to be installed and fixed by Galahad of Fairlight. These guys never screwed up floppy stuff so i trust that the WHDloader works. Im hoping my A1200 hard drive arrives tomorrow so i can see if its just an emulator bug or not.

If i get a copy to work i will try your setup and see if i get sound problems but im thinking that setup is a bit overkill for wizkid? Perhaps it could be simplified, it might help.


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