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keropi 16 December 2006 22:08

Wanted: A4000 US keyboard...
Hi, I am searching for an Amiga4000 US keyboard, fully working.... anyone sparing one?
The German I have here gives me trouble, lol
I have 2 4000, and 1 US keyboard and 2 German ones... bah!
:spin :spin :spin :spin :guru

X-ray 16 December 2006 22:14

Keropi is buying such a lot of stuff lately. Did he win some money at the casino? :xmas

keropi 16 December 2006 22:34

I said it before, the secret amiga bank account, lol
well, I gathered money for that purpose: to have 2 good a4000's.... with that money I could get a killer pc... but :spin

Paul_s 17 December 2006 00:30

How many Amiga keyboards can you use at once dude? :lol

I'd love a 4000 keyboard for my CD32 :( Alas I'll have to make do with my Lyra convertor/PCarp keyboard

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