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Blitter 13 October 2019 18:59

Topaz Font - screengrab of various sizes
I understand the WorkBench 1.3 system font Topaz came in sizes 8, 9 and maybe a couple of other larger sizes (on disk)?

Does anyone have screengrabs of them to compare one size to the other?

Thomas Richter 13 October 2019 20:45

Topaz comes in two sizes in ROM, topaz.8 which uses an 8x8 font container, and topaz.9 using an 10x9 container. There is a topaz.11 on disk, using an 8x11 container. The container sizes did not change, but the font changed from the 1.x family to the 2.x/3.x series. While topaz is a serif font in 1.x, it became a sans serif font in 2.x/3.x.

clenched 14 October 2019 03:01

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Not a screen grab but ripped using Maptapper. Load kickstart or font. Multiply cell width by 192. That's your overall width. Set height by its name. These are ROM 8,9 and Disk 11. Some trivia noticed: ROM 8 has a bar just left of ® not present in the other two. Disk 11 "0" slash goes opposite direction.

Blitter 14 October 2019 03:11

Awesome, thanks Clenched. :)

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