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Quickbeam 12 May 2003 21:32

Can you name this intro?!
This is a bit vague, but bear with me. I'm trying to remember the name of a cracked game with an intro whose music was a version of Pachelbel's Canon in D (I think!). The intro wasn't all that special, but what was interesting about it was the way it toggled the Amiga's Power LED as an intended sound effect. I'm particularly interested to hear it again now that WinUAE is getting Power LED emulation.

Any ideas?:)

CodyJarrett 12 May 2003 21:43

Do you mean that it was in a pirate cracktro or the actual game intro?

This music was in Utopia, in the main game.

Marcuz 16 May 2003 19:29

no wait... i owned the original and i don't remember the leds part; and the music was'nt on the intro, but it was choseable as game music between 4 tunes. can someone shed some light? it's a lot of time ago...

Galahad/FLT 17 May 2003 10:54

I think
Its on Lemmings cracked by Skid Row, there was an Ice and Caddy trainer on the disk after the cracktro, and I vaguely remember it toggling the Power LED (I.e. the Audio Filter) off and on.

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