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hexaae 20 June 2018 06:28

Config file directory paths
Sometimes randomly my c:\users\username\music becomes ..\..\music in WinUAE configuration (directory as a drive MODS: under Amiga) when saving cfg from F12 panel while I'm on WB... Still have to find a reproducible pattern though. I have Italian Windows 10 1803

EDIT: how can I use %USERPROFILE%\music in cfg to make it universal when migrating WinUAE on other Win systems?

Toni Wilen 20 June 2018 18:57

I think someone (perhaps you?) asked this previously. Path is converted when config is loaded, either to canonical absolute or relative path depending on relative mode checkbox. Links, variables etc.. are also resolved at the same time.

Unfortunately this means original path is lost and if config is saved, new resolved path is saved..

This is not easy to fix and many possible "fixes" would only cause confusion (for example GUI would show different path than actual in use path).

hexaae 20 June 2018 20:21

Mmmh, I'd like to enter %USERPROFILE%\Music and Pictures in WinUAE to have them loaded easily in WB even when I move the emulator (e.g. USB pendrive) to another Win PC… Would be a nice feature for portabiltiy, minor priority of course.
What if you simply don't save resolved paths in the cfg file?

For the bug itself do you think it might be caused by the fact I accidentally (while 1 copy of WinUAE was already running) a new winuae.exe and quitted? Maybe in this case locked resources are wrongly saved as ..\..\Music instead of C:\users\username\Music.... Have to find a reliable repro-steps

hexaae 21 June 2018 12:42

If WinUAE would keep paths untouched in the cfg file like this when saving cfg, would be perfect (%USERPROFILE%\Music does work):


hardfile2=rw,DH0:.\WinUAE files\winuae_hd0.vhd,63,8,2,512,0,.\ROMS\SmartFilesystem,uae0
uaehf0=hdf,rw,DH0:.\\WinUAE files\\winuae_hd0.vhd,63,8,2,512,0,.\ROMS\SmartFilesystem,uae0
filesystem2=rw,dl01:DOWNLOAD:.\WinUAE files\download - amiga,-128
uaehf3=dir,rw,dl01:DOWNLOAD:.\WinUAE files\download - amiga,-128
hardfile2=rw,DH1:.\WinUAE files\winuae_hd1.vhd,32,1,2,512,-128,.\ROMS\SmartFilesystem,uae4
uaehf4=hdf,rw,DH1:.\\WinUAE files\\winuae_hd1.vhd,32,1,2,512,-128,.\ROMS\SmartFilesystem,uae4

Toni Wilen 21 June 2018 17:14

As I said: it is not easy without complete config overhaul and it isn't really worth the trouble. It needs some other solution.

EDIT: Delaying resolving until path is used (because then path string is also copied to separate variable) probably solves most problems but then GUI shows original path, not resolved path which can cause confusion.

Toni Wilen 24 June 2018 11:51

winuae.7z now should handle this (but only for hardfile/directory hd paths so far).

Path is not resolved anymore when config is loaded but it is delayed until path is needed and it does not modify original config data path.

Harddisk GUI still shows resolved path but config data path is still in unresolved format (=when saving config, original unresolved path is written back to confitg file) and can be seen when opening add/edit harddrive dialog.

Note that currently trying to enter path with environment variable(s) directly to GUI path string box results in weird path. Config file must be edited manually if it contains any environment variables. EDIT: Works now.

hexaae 24 June 2018 17:28

Thank you!

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