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turrican3 04 September 2013 00:30

increase 1 layer size without affecting the rest
hello toni,
you know me i think about something crazy like usual. :spin
but the guy who doesn't ask will never Know !? :confused
does winuae know about where are the layers there size etc ... ???? :confused
if yes could it be possible to resize a layers without affecting the rest of the screen ? :spin :D
the goal ? we have a good street fighter turbo aga but the charachters are tiny perhaps there is a way to push the of the characters to 120 % and doesn't touch the rest ????? :great
who knows ??? (toni surely :) )
tell me ? :)

Toni Wilen 22 September 2013 12:16

Amiga does not have "layers".

BippyM 23 September 2013 00:57

I really should lol but erm LOL :cheese

turrican3 23 September 2013 01:01

i understood my question was crazy but i didn't want to delete it. because teachers always said me there no stupid questions even if i think this one was. lol too :laughing

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