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AmigaOasis 04 March 2007 19:12

Wanted: GVP 64 pin ram
Have a GVP 68030 1200 card but with no memory, looking for 4mb or 8mb modules in particuilar.

Please let me know if you have some you dont want.

Smiley 04 March 2007 19:49

You may be interested in the hack to convert 72pin simms into GVP compatible 64pin ones.

Probably difficult and a bit messy though.


AmigaOasis 05 March 2007 00:08

Thanks ill take a look although if anyone does have the 64-pin memory modules they dont want please also let me know :)

coze 05 March 2007 01:31

I'm looking for them too :) Btw, there are no 8mb gvp modules, only 4 and 16. Softhut says they can produce them if there's enough demand.

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